VapeMons Gear 222W TC Box Mod Review

Surely the Vapemons brand is unfamiliar to you. So it was with me until recently, but less than six months from the moment of our acquaintance, their novelty crawled to me, which now you can’t name. I want to note that this is the flagship boxing mod of the manufacturer, except that you rarely find its products. Nevertheless, we meet, he has a couple of chips. 

Vapemons GEARbox mod Dimensions: 92.5 x 56.5 x 28mm Weight: 151g Case material: stainless steel Power supply: 2 x 18650 Chipset: VM Omni board 4.0 Output power: 5 – 226W Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), BYPASS Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃

Supported resistance: 0.03 – 5.0Ω (Super Player Mode Only) 
Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from incorrect polarity, from overcharging / overdischarge 
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded 
Screen / diagonal: yes, 0.96 ” 
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 0.75A wired, 1.4A wireless 
Color: see photo below Package contents – GEAR box mod mod – USB cable – user manual – docking station for wireless charging

Our guest looks good – there are original elements, such as control gear and panels with a kind of pattern. I will not say that you have a special pleasure, holding it for the first time in your hands. Yes, it looks interesting – but every now and then there are flaws in the quality of the performance (I’ll tell you about them along the way) and the panels, although the print is rather interesting, they look somehow cheap. Although still if you abstract, the normal mode is average. The landing area of ​​steel, on it the Star of David is engraved, it seems to be the name. It rises a little above the main body, therefore, the atoms do not crawl over it, the paintwork of which, by the way, is very prone to scratches. The maximum aesthetic fit is provided only to atoms 24mm in diameter, despite the greater width.

The control gear replaced the plus and minus buttons, as well as the function of hover mode switching on it. The notches on it are spiky, but not too much, the stroke is smooth, stepped. It is quite comfortable to use. It also has a built-in LED indicator. The control panel consists of a metal button with a concave profile and a small display. As for the first, it is convenient in principle, a small move, a loud click. But she is so godlessly dangling in a metal case and, accordingly, jingles that sometimes I don’t even want to take the box mod.

The display is quite bright, the information provides articulately. But even here it was not without the “podlyany” – in my case it is set crookedly relative to the notch in the body. Therefore, even non-serviceable areas can be seen. I admit that this is an isolated case, but the sediment remained, anyway. Immediately at the base of the control panel you can see the connector for charging batteries, charging through this port is carried out by a small current of 0.75A. Plus, there is the possibility of wireless charging, and there is a docking station for this purpose. It is small – diameter 100mm. There is a connector for the lace and LED display on the perimeter.

Wireless charging is also not so smooth, basically it gives out about 1.4A, but sometimes it even goes up to 2.2A. Rarely, but it happens that this indicator jumps. I am not particularly an experienced user of wireless charging – perhaps these are its features. In order for the box to be charged, it must be put on the docking station with the butt end of the gear. In general, the feature is convenient and it works. Behind the removable side panel, which is fixed by six magnets and sits securely, almost without play, the compartment for the battery hides. There is a key in its base for easy removal. The contacts are probably gilded and well spring-loaded, however, they are costly to handle the batteries. Ribbon for convenience provided.

Well, now let’s work on the chipset. As you noticed, it is called Omni board 4.0. I, too, at first was surprised and delighted – after all, it was precisely such people who use Vaporess. However, the joy was short-lived – I did not pay attention to the postscript at the beginning, namely “VM or Vapemons”. So, we probably have our own manufacturer. In general, the functionality is not bad, and its management is decent, but there are flaws in the work.

Resistance often jumps and even if only on units of hundredths of an ohm, but somehow it is not particularly pleasant. In terms of output power, it seemed to me, the mod significantly imparts, that is, the actual wattage is less than the displayed value. Plus, the chipset often goes into protection against overheating – the words “too hot”. And on Dripke with Sapra 0.1, this happens literally a field of several puffs from a cold start. And that’s not all – I even achieved this unpleasant inscription by driving a 17W tank to tank, although it took a lot more puffs. Plus, during operation there is a decent heating of the mod in the area of ​​the charging connector. Impressions of use

An interesting box, however, he completely disappointed me – it is understandable, if at least the managing chipset worked without any complaints, it was possible to turn a blind eye to the flaws in the quality of execution. And so there is nothing to say, and the price tag is not to say that it is tempting. And yet I found a couple of cherries even with this – this is an original construct and the possibility of wireless charging. Perhaps I will refrain from recommendations this time. 

Package Included:

1 x Gearbox mod

1 x Wireless charging pad

1 x Warranty Card&User manual

1 x Gift box

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