Vapefly Mesh Plus RDA Review

The average user knows almost nothing about Vapefly . This is not surprising, because the guys are not pleased with the special activity in the market. Despite this, every few months they still have a decent device. From what I can remember – Nicolas MTL and Fantasy , working on TFV12 evaporators . Just a few days ago, I learned that the guys had released another product that could be interested in a wide range of Mesh Plus RDA customers .
Mesh Plus RDA by Vapefly -
In atomizers, whose name contains the word Mesh , you can already get confused. Manufacturers are trying to explain as clearly as possible that this is a “grid” atomizer. Vapeflydid not want to stand out, added the word Plus and in production. By the way, it is fair to note that the overall idea of ​​the design here was borrowed from Digiflavor . Despite this, I like dripochka, and I am sure that I like a lot of people like me. The only thing I would advise the company is to add a couple of fresh versions of the hull colors. There are no real photos of a dripka for the time being, so one can only hope that it also looks good in practice.

Mesh Plus RDA by Vapefly -
Dimensions :

Height – 33 mm.
Diameter – 25 mm.
Weight – 45 g.

Specifications :

The first mention of Mesh Plus I saw on the network for quite some time. At that time, there were still no images of the atomizer base, and my first thought was that the Chinese would do everything exactly as the competitors did. But Vapefly surprised me very pleasantly, even though there are a couple of incomprehensible moments here.
Mesh Plus RDA by Vapefly -
So, we have an atomizer, designed for use, as with conventional spirals, and on the grid. The base construct is different from what we saw in such devices, but I’m not sure that it will be more convenient. The fact is that on each side there is one clamp. If there are no problems with spirals, then I’m not sure how practical it will be to fasten the mesh in this way. By the way, pay attention to the grooves under the racks, thanks to them it should be comfortable to cut the legs of the spirals.
Mesh Plus RDA by Vapefly -
Side airflow, represented by two wide slots in a skirt and with an adjustment system in the top cap. Everything seems to be understandable, but I am confused by this one area between the racks. Honestly, I do not understand why she is here at all. If someone understood, then you are welcome in the comments, but they are very interested. What do we have there? Drip type 810 format and, according to tradition, skvonk pin included.
Mesh Plus RDA by Vapefly -

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