Wow! For a dual 18650 mod, this thing is pretty compact. Not only that, but Smok included a matching Baby Beast tank. The first tier of the box has this gorgeous mod in it, pull the ribbon to unveil the second tier where you will find all your accessories, manuals, and coils. I know basically every Vapor out there owns an Alien mod, some even own more than one. For some reason, I just never got around to getting one. So glad I have this one for review.


  • One SMOK Alien 220W TC Box Mod
  • One SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank
    • One V8 Baby Q2 Coil Head
    • One V8 Baby T8 Coil Head
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Replacement Parts and Glass
  • User Manual
  • 2 vape bands
  • Screen protector
  • Warranty card
  • Battery safety card

Very solid complete kit. All you need are some high-drain batteries to get started. They even included a screen protector which is a really nice touch.

Smok Alien Kit VI Review



Of course, at the top of the mod, we have the stainless steel 510 pin. The threading is stainless steel and it is very smooth. The pin itself is gold plated. It has a very strong spring to it with a short but firm throw to it. All of my atomizers sit flush on it. In the four corners of the top plate of the mod, there are 4-star screws.

The side opposite of the screen has some branding on it that is not subtle but it’s not obnoxious either. There is a carbon fiber sticker with lettering that says Alien 220w TC. The sticker is made of high-quality and actually has some nice texture to it. It does not feel cheap at all.

Smok Alien Kit VI Review

On both narrow sides of the mod, they kind of look the same. However, one side houses a firing bar while the other side looks like a firing bar but really is just another side of the mod. Smok has become famous for its firing bar and there’s a good reason for that. This is an extremely comfortable mod to hold and vape. The firing bar on my mod was mounted solidly with no rattle or wiggle to it. It fires very easily when pressed at the top of the bar. The further down you move on the bar, the harder it gets to press. The bar is extremely easy to find and you will not be searching for a way to fire this mod.

Let’s face it, this is an extremely popular mod. One of the things that made it as popular as it is is the form factor. This is a comfortable mod that can be taken almost anywhere. Along with its form factor, the Alien screen is what set it apart from everything else in the industry. The screen is just loaded with all kinds of information. On the screen you will see wattage, temperature, mode, preheat, battery meter, volts, homes, aunts, PCB, puffs, and your puff duration. Like I said, more than enough information for the average Vapor to digest the screen has a nice clear font with adjustable brightness. The font can seem rather small especially to older vapers. It can also be tough to see in some outdoor conditions. On both sides above the screen and carbon fiber sticker, there is some venting.

Located below the screen we have the plus minus buttons. The plus minus buttons have a trapezoid shape to them. They are clicky, responsive and very well done. One thing I did not like about the plus minus buttons is the physical location of the minus button is actually higher than the plus button. To most people this would seem counterintuitive, I know it did for me. It did take some getting used to but I got over it rather quickly. The charge/update port is located below the plus minus buttons.It is horizontally mounted but it is mounted on an angle. I guess this was done so the port would work better with the flow and lines of the mod.

Smok Alien Kit VI Review

The battery door is one of the most solid battery doors I have seen on a mod like this. Push in and pull out to open the battery door. Push down and in to close it. It seals up very tight and has no wiggle or looseness to it at all. On the back of the door, there are button style contacts and you have the battery orientation clearly marked. There is some venting present period inside the battery door. There are clear battery orientation markings as well. All the batteries I use fit nice and snug with no battery rattle at all.

Focus On For More Vape Start Kit.


The tank included in this kit is the Baby Beast tank it measures 22 x 53 mm. It has a 3ml capacity. One of the nice things about the Smok family of tanks is the coil selection and the baby Beast is no different. Included in the kit, you get a .15 ohm coil and a .4 ohm coil. The .15 ohm coil can be vaped as high as 70 watts but is best between 45 and 60 watts. The .4 ohm coil can be Vaped as high as 80 watts but is best between 55 and 65 last. There is no RBA section in the kit even though Smok makes one and sells it separately. I truly believe that all manufacturers should include an RBA section especially if it is made for the kit. To charge the customer separately is just not right.

Smok Alien Kit VI Review

While I do love the Baby Beast tank, I can’t help but feel that Smok should have included a bigger tank with a 220-watt mod. I know the Baby Beast is a tried and true tank that is very popular and it deserves all the praise it gets. I just would have preferred a bigger tank, something along the lines of a TFV8 or TFV12. The Alien mod is more than capable of handling a tank of that size. The Baby Beast does have a nice wide bore Delrin drip tip that attaches to a top cap that swings out for the top fill system. O’rings hold the glass in place and they are nice and beefy so you should not get any leaks. The Baby Beast coils screw directly into the chimney section of the tank. This shortened chimney drastically improves the flavor of the Baby Beast tank. Make no mistake about it, this is not a mouth to lung tank. Even if you cut down the airflow all the way, the best you will be able to do is get a restricted lung hit.


I really like the form factor of this Alien kit. It feels great in the hand and the tank Smok provided matches beautifully to the mod. This is a small dual battery mod that is extremely comfortable to hold in the hand. Now, I know that Smok has had issues with the paint on early versions of the Alien. I spoke to Smok and they assured me those paint issues are a thing of the past. I am normally pretty rough on my mods and so far my Alien has held up pretty well. I am not the type of vapor that babies his mods. I take them everywhere with me and I vape them all the time. So far, I have yet to see any paint chipping or flaking off my Alien mod. Overall, this is a very pocketable mod that is more than capable of satisfying most vapers.

Smok Alien Kit VI Review


Of course, the heartbeat of this kit is the extremely popular Alien chipset. In power mode, it vapes beautifully. TC, unfortunately, is another story. While Smok has never really been known as a TC company, I do expect their TC to be at least passable. Unfortunately, right now, the TC on the Alien kit is barely passable. I hope Smok corrects this in an update but I can only review what is put in front of me. It’s kind of a shame because this is really a groundbreaking mod that was a game changer for a long time. It deserves a better standing in the TC world than the one that it actually has.


The Alien menu system will be very familiar to you if you own a Smok mod.

  • 5 clicks turns it on
  • Once it is on, 5 clicks locks it, 5 clicks unlocks it
  • 3 Clicks gets you into the menu system
  • In the menu system a long click makes your selection or you can use the +/- buttons
  • Menu settings include Mode, Puffs, Settings, and Power

Once in the mode setting, you can select the type of wire you want, the wattage, and the TCR. The puffs setting allows you to keep track of the puffs you take and even set a limit for yourself. The settings mode lets you adjust the screen time, screen lock, contrast, and adjust your ohms if need be. The Power setting lets the vaper shut the mod off.

Smok Alien Kit VI Review


Like I said earlier, this kit vapes great in power mode. TC mode, unfortunately, leaves a lot to be desired. I do like taking this mod out with me because of the battery life and compact size. This is just a great form factor. I actually feel bad that it took me this long to experience an Alien mod. Many other companies have tried to copy Smok’s firing bar and form factor. While some of them come close, nothing beats the real thing. This is a nice mod and tank combination that will and has appealed to an extremely large cross section of the vaping community.


I love the way this kit feels in my hand. I love the tank that it comes with and I love the form factor of the mod. This mod is in my daily rotation. That alone says a lot about the performance of this kit. I have a ton of mods to choose from on a daily basis. For some reason, I always find myself looking for my Alien. It’s that good of a kit and now I understand why it is been as popular as it is.

I really enjoy the fact that this kit is so complete. A vaper can purchase this kit along with a quality set of 18650 batteries and a bottle of juice and get to vaping right away. This kit is for someone who’s had a mod for a while and is looking to upgrade with a better tank and a higher wattage mod. Because of the plethora of colors that are available, this is also a great mod for collectors. It’s also a great mod for the budget-conscious vapor that’s looking for a great form factor along with a stellar performance. Whatever reason you pick to justify why you own an Alien kit, and there are many, one thing is for sure you just can’t go wrong with this kit.

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Smok Alien 220W TC Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank

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