Podod-system Digiflavor Liip Disposable. First look


Today on the agenda of the new representative of the fashionable nowadays “his lads” – disposable Liip Pod-system from the Chinese company Digiflavor.

It is impossible to deny the fact that the Pod-systems today are pretty well entrenched in the vaping industry and do not seem to be going to lose ground. More and more companies are trying to join this new trend, releasing something of their own.

However, most of these devices simply copy each other, without bringing anything new to their constructive. But there are not many disposable Pod devices on the market yet, although this type of electronic cigarettes has been invented for quite some time.

And in this article we will just look at a similar device in the face of Liif Disposable Pod from Digiflavor.



The novelty is a one-time maintenance-free “slyshku” in a plastic case, which has a stylish design and bright colors. With the latter, by the way, is another interesting point, which we will talk about later.

Dimensions Liip Disposable Pod can be called modest. So, a smoker switching to steam is unlikely to experience discomfort on the size of this device, because it looks more like a cigarette lighter than any kind of vip thing.

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Inside the device there is a 240 mAh battery. Such a capacity should be enough to evaporate the liquid poured in the “slyshka”, but to recharge the battery does not work in mind, again, the features and purpose of Liip Disposable Pod.

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Returning to the colors of the new product, it should be said that depending on the color of the case, the taste of the filled fluid will also vary. In total, the future owner will be able to choose from four options: tobacco, orange, berries, and the so-called Reddy.

The latter, by the way, is filled with nicotine-free liquid; for tobacco taste, the nicotine content will be 4.8%, and for orange and berries – 3.6%. In the box with the Liip Disposable Pod there will be three “one-time” items if you choose a device with nicotine and two pieces each in zero.


Specifications Digiflavor Liip Disposable

  • Dimensions: 73.7 x 20 x 13 mm
  • Type: disposable pod system
  • Battery: 240 mAh
  • Nicotine: Tobacco 48 mg / ml, Berry / Orange 36 mg / ml, Reddy 0 mg / ml

Now It’s Available :Digiflavor Liip Disposable Pod Kit

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