Ijoy Captain pd270 Dual 20700 TC Box Mod 234W Review

Ijoy Captain pd270 RDTA Box Kit-234W is the newest and innovation box mod from Ijoy. It use the new format battery 20700. IJOY Captain PD270 holds dual 20700 batteries, and compatible with dual 18650 batteries. It is a high quality device featuring a tremendous maximumup 234W output power but no overhang with 30mm tanks, however a super compact size, feels good in hand and easy to carry, with the features of super compact size and NI/TI/SS/TCR temperature control, IJOY PD270 is the inevitable choice for every single vapers!

IJOY PD270, P on behalf of the high performance, D on behalf of the dual batteries, 270 on behalf of 20700 batteries. The 20700 batteries are selected by a famous car corporation to replace the 18650 battery, representing high quality and stable performance. IJOY believes that 20700 will replace 18650 and be the future in Vaping industry!

Ijoy Captain pd270 Specifications:
Max Wattage: 234W
Compact and portable
Bright and big size screen
No overhang with 30mm tanks
Dual 20700 batteries Box Mod(batteries included)
18650 battery fit with adapter
Personalized design, with a unique experience
NI/TI/SS temperature control
TCR function
Unique Custom User Mode
Resistance Range: 0.05~3.0 ohm
USB port charging support
Firmware Upgradeable

Ijoy Captain pd270 Package:
2* IJOY 20700 Batteries
1* 18650 adapter
1* USB Cable
1* Manual
1* Warranty Card

Colors available: 3 body colors, 18 different skins to choose from

Well, the Captain is truly a little powerhouse mod that lives up to expectations. The batteries are powerful and the mod’s onboard tech ensures that every feature is precisely regulated for maximum effect. We expect it to be a popular choice for vapers everywhere – and for good reason as it is one of the best e cigs in its class. If you’re looking for a new mod, the IJOY Captain PD270 Box Mod is certainly one option that you can’t afford to ignore.

SMOANT CHARON TC 218W Review,Buy Electronic Cigarette from Urvapin

When first contacted with electronic cigarettes, people may feel confused facing with so many electronic cigarette equipment in a wide range of designs.

The device is ok or not? Chose appearance or performance? How to chose?

We today introduce a highly cost-effective host entry level, SMOANT CHARON TC 218W box mod. Open the carton, we can see appearance of the host and the name. The upper right corner shows the color of the host. In addition to the LOGO and the type of the host on the back there are the information such as the characteristics of host and the anti-counterfeiting query stickers in the lower right corner.

Open the package, we see warning card, after-sale warranty card, and battery in the first. We are gratified that all the three documents have Chinese instructions.

Then is our protagonist Smoant Charon TC 218 BOX mod. There are nine kinds of color. The author got the gold, and the carton on the left side of the host containing the data line.

After the experiencing for a period of time, we get the advantages of the host:

  1. The delay time is very short, and it’s hard to feel.
  2. In daily use, it erupt rapidly.
  3. The ratio of volume and weight is appropriate, and it’s easy to grip.
  4. The temperature control effect is stable, no high output temperature and so forth.
  5. Double 18650 batteries guarantee it’ range.
  6. With simple operation mode and a Chinese manual it’s very friendly to the novice.

The faults:
The workmanship is a little crude.

  1. The NC material temperature control make the smoke taste light (a chip algorithm problem, should be able to get change by PC).
  2. The leather covering on the back of the battery, in use for a long time is in a risk of degumming.
  3. The resistance of the host shell surface is not strong.

According to the price abroad, the price will be higher than the robotech. It’s still excellent cost-effective. Simple mode of operation with good experience of output and larger scope of power make the host also has the potential of becoming a necessary introduction to the new. Although there are a few small problems, its high cost performance will also be able to hide these small flaws.

Up to now, the host of the power and performance are also constantly improved, from the initial around 40 w to 150 w or higher. The phenomenon such as ignition delay nearly extinct, and the operating mode is more simple.

Equipment with Chinese instruction is also gradually increased, which shows that the domestic market is gradually being regarded by the manufacturer. The threshold of the domestic players to use electronic cigarette also will be more and more low. More and more people can use electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes.

Steampunk Style Tesla Nano 120W Box Mod Host Evaluation

Tesla established home products launched the new host. Violence is still the main performance of the brand, is synonymous with tesla. Early one of the most famous product is the tesla electric double series of invaders box. But the invaders is a little big.Today we introduce the nano 120 w volume which is smaller

The whole machine decorated with carved steampunk style gear. It is similar to tesla previous host: Oblique button, the arc on the top. Even without TESLACIGS on the fuselage sid players should be able to guess that it is released by the tesla.

Side abandoned conventional square shape edges and corners and adopt smooth radian, which as well as increase the handle feeling, make the integrity of the machine radium vulture design.

The tesla nano 120 w box mod has a function different from the aggressor. Although it is also a double electric box, it is not a series of straight but a fully functional chip temperature control host. It is small in size but the weight is really very big! At the bottom of the battery cover use push-pull mode, coins are not need and you don’t have to twist the lid. Equipped with batteries, you just have to press and push to done.

Tesla’s the new host has plastic protective film to prevent from scratching. It’s really hard to tear and the protection is very good. At the top, the adaptive electrode is compatible to more atomizer. Main body frame are made of zinc alloy. The color of the appearance is colored in the late process, in the outer layer and a protective film similar to UV layer. It is not easy to rub off.

The battery has negative mark on the lid. The bottom of the chamber are also marked. Switch was changed to slide mechanical switch to control. Button is very small and tight. You don’t have to worry about accidentally touch in the pocket.

Host with Chinese manual is very simple and all had written, illustrations are also exist. The function of the host is a lot, also relatively routine and practical.

Memory gear, output model, temperature control of materials and so on, which are all available. It also can adjust the output on the machine in graphic mode curve. The functions are not very powerful, but they are certainly enough. tesla nano 120w starter kit

The appearance is suitable for players like punk rocks. If the price is suitable for you, it’s worthy of the money.

Smok OSUB 80W Baby Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank

Today we bring a brief introduction of SMOK OSUB Baby Kit to you. The SMOK OSUB Baby Kit is an streamlined version of the OSUB 80W Plus Kit. The OSUB Baby 80W Kit features a lateral firing mechanism and a maximum power output of 80.0 watts, temperature control mechanics implemented, and runs on a single 18650 (battery is not included).

The OSUB Baby was designed to be comfortable to hold and use. The micro USB port, adjustment buttons, and OLED display are mounted on the side of the device to for an overall more ergonomic platform. The side mounted USB port allows the OSUB Baby to be charged and updated without the awkward positioning that comes from a bottom-side micro USB port.

What coupled with the OSUB Baby is the TFV8 Baby. The TFV8 Baby is the smallest tank in the TFV8 Cloud Beast Series of tanks but is the perfect partner for this petite mod. The TFV8 Baby features LARGE dual cyclops adjustable airflow inlets located at the base of the tank. The enlarged inner diameter of the chimney allows for maximized intake which can be fine tuned with the adjustable airflow inlets. The TFV8 Baby can also hold an amazing 3.0mL of juice in it’s petite body.

The OSUB baby looks handsome. It comes with the great reputation baby tank. It use the best tested and popular coils. Using removable 18650 battery the baby has a compact size for pocket carrying on the go. The max 80W is enough for more than 90 percent vaper. Big fire button is a lot of ease in use. Battery door is easy and durable. There are 6 awesome colors for you to choose.