Wismec Predator 228w Kit new colors

Wismec Predator 228w kit is the new introducted vape kit by Wismec.Compact but powerful.Wimsec Predator 228w Kit was made of Predator 228 Mod and Elabo Tank. Now Predator 288w is released for sale,and you can buy Wismec Predator Kit with best price on urvapin.

As we have seen,the Wismec Predator 228w Starter Kit has multi-colors available. Some colors new released like brushed silver, green & beige, silver & bronze, black & bronze and orange & silver are a little higher in price. Features pre-made coil,228w max power output,4.6mL and 4.9mL ejuice capacity optional and upgradable firmware, the Predator 228 Box Mod can serve as a power bank to charge other electronic devices.

Wismec Predator 228 Starter Kit Package Including:
1x Predator 228 Mod
1x Elabo tank
1x Triple 0.2ohm head
1x NS Triple 0.25ohm head
1x QC USB cable
2x User Manual
1x Warning card

Wismec Predator 228 Full Kit with Elabo Tank Features
Innovative and Stylist design
Compact but powerful
228w max power output
Firmware upgradable
VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TCSS/TCR Mode Supported
510 spring loaded thread
eJuice Capacity: 4.9ml (Triple 0.2ohm Head)/4.6ml (NS Triple 0.25ohm Head)
Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm(TC mode); 0.1-3.5ohm(VW mode)
Temperature Range: 100-315°C/200-600°F (TC modes)

Overall, the performance of the Predator is top-notch and the Elabo has great taste and huge cloud production. While removing the drip tip makes it a little tedious to refill, it’s only a very, very minor inconvenience. However, you could argue that it’s a very good design for childproofing. The Predator is very accurate with reading the ohms of other in other rebuildable tanks and works superbly in TC (only tested SS builds) and in VW modes. The upgradeable firmware is always a massive bonus!





Urvapin Limitless 200w LMC TC Box Mod New Colors $55.69 Vape Deals

Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod

Temperature Control Box Mod

For a limited time only, the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod New Version is on sale right here for only $55.69 from Urvapin! No coupon code required! Free shipping is included with this purchase! The colors available are new version Red, Flag, Rainbow, Space Gray and Grain.

The Limitless LMC 200W TC Box Mod is powered by two 18650 batteries (not included). This device does feature a maximum wattage output of 200w, and features a custom chip! The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod also features temperature control for Ni200, Ti, and SS wires.

The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod has a ton of safety features built in, providing the user a peace of mind during use. The Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod includes three memory modes as well as three presets: Soft, Standard, and Powerful. Lastly, the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod features interchangeable plates with magnets, so you can easily customize this device!

All in all, this is a great deal for the Limitless LMC 200w TC Box Mod! If you are a fan of Limitless and looking to pick up a new temperature control box mod for cheap, then this is a deal you cannot miss! Make sure to check out this deal at Urvapin for only $55.69! This sale does end 6/23/17!

Order here:


Product Features:

  • Required 2 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Maximum wattage output: 200w
  • Minimum Firing Resistance: 0.08 ohm
  • Many Safety Features
  • Temperature Control: Ni200, Ti, SS
  • Interchangeable Plates with Magnets
  • 3 Preset Modes (Soft, Standard, Powerful)
  • New Version
  • Custom Chipset

Order here:


Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod New Version New Colors Review

A brand new mod I’m going to talk about today comes to us from the Limitless Mod Co. Of course, I’m talking about the Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod, a beast of a device with very appealing aesthetics. Limitless is a manufacturer of premium vaping gear and this mod is no different – quality design, high performance, and quite a looker, too. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the Limitless LMC 200W box mod review!

Limitless LMC Box Mod Packaging
This mod comes in a nice rectangular plastic box that keeps it all snug and safe and prevents and damage during transport. It’s a no frills packaging – the top cover is see-through so this pretty boy will stare right back at you once you open the box. The back of the box is adorned with Limitless logo and their Facebook and Instagram pages so you know where to direct all those cool pictures you take with the mod.

You will also see a disclaimer in the back. Basically, it tells you that this mod is not for beginners. It’s a box mod geared toward experienced users. A few words on that:

  • Make sure your batteries are safe to use in variable voltage devices.
  • Make sure the batteries are fully wrapped – don’t play around with that!
  • Inspect your atomizers before using it with Limitless Box Mod

Limitless is not responsible for mistreating and misuse of this product, which is completely understandable. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you’re not an experienced user so consult an experienced builder in your local vape shop before using rebuildable atomizers with this mod.

The user manual you get with this vape mod is extremely basic – it’s more of a leaflet than a manual really. However, it does cover everything you need to know at the beginning, from basic navigation to display warnings. To be perfectly honest, this is actually a pretty basic mod when you think about it but I do believe that manufacturers should be a bit more detailed with their instructions, for the sake of more casual users at least.

Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod Specifications:

59/25/92 mm Length/Width/Height (2.3, 0.98, 3.6 inches)
349 grams (0.79lbs)
Wattage Output – 10 – 200W
Variable Temp Control
Temp Control Range – 220 – 580F
Compatible with Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel
Three Memory Slots
Preset Modes – Soft, Standard, Powerful
OLED Display
Customizable Cover Slots
Short Circuit Protection
Overheat Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Low Resistance Protection
Three Button Operation
Minimal Resistance – 0.08ohm
Dual Battery Operated
LMC Custom Chipset
Firing Timeout – 10 sec

Right off the bat, you’re going to notice that LMC 200W Box Mod is a pretty hefty device and you might get an impression that it’s slightly difficult to handle. You’re not going to be very wrong. I love how this device looks, don’t get me wrong, but it does take some getting used to.

The biggest problem for me is that it doesn’t have any rounded parts – it’s a rectangular box, basically. There are two cut-outs on opposite sides of it (when viewed from the front). One is right above the screen and the other is opposite to it. This makes the device slightly easier to handle but it’s far from being an ergonomically designed piece. However, that’s not too big of an issue, it just means that you’re going to have to get used to it.

The biggest design surprise with Limitless LMC 200W TC Box Mod New Version New Colors is the use of interchangeable cover plates. These plates cover the wide sides of the mod and are magnetic and removable. Lifting one plate gives you access to your battery chamber and the other one is there purely so you could completely redesign the look of your mod. This is a great design feature because it allows you to play with the look of your mod without having to invest in a completely different one.

you can purchase the new colors from Urvapin – American-LMCTriangle, ColorBurst-Script, Woodburn-LMCScript-Triangle, and MetalScratch-Script, the choice is all yours. If you’re skilled with your hands you can even have your own design and attach it to the plates or make a completely different set of interchangeable plates yourself.


Limitless LMC 200W Build Quality
This might come as a shock to you, but I’ve already dropped this device – not once, but twice! If you’ve been reading my past reviews you’ll know I do that quite a lot. From now on, my official stance is not that I’m clumsy but that it is the way that I test the quality of make of equipment.

Limitless 200W vape mod took the test like a champ – there’s no scratch on it whatsoever. One reason why this device is so heavy is the fact that premium materials were used in its construction. The magnetic plates are made from some sort of sturdy plastic (I can’t identify it but it’s pretty resistant to bumps and bruises) and the outer casing is made from brushed stainless steel (black). Everything on it sits flush – the buttons don’t rattle, the screen seamlessly blends into the construction, and the plates are a perfect fit and don’t budge a millimeter once they’re properly set.

For me, the biggest drawback of this device sits squarely in this section.The OLED display is located to the side of the mod and it’s pretty small. That entire side is covered with a mirror-like surface that might come in handy if you’re a dashing young girl who wants to check your makeup real quick without going to the restroom (no offense ladies, I personally always make sure that my makeup is spot on, too). Other than that, and the fact it looks pretty nice, it’s completely useless.

The real purpose of that mirror-like surface is to collect fingerprints from people who merely look at it oddly. I’m serious – the first day I picked up this mod from the box it already had 6 sets of fingerprints on it!

Now, the mirror might be large but the display really isn’t. It’ covers about one quarter of the surface and is centrally located. The info that it displays is limited to temperature, mode, memory slot in use, resistance, and battery life. That’s not so bad – at least, it wouldn’t be if you didn’t have to squint to make out the readings.

The menu could be a bit simpler. I’m going to give you a quick rundown on how to operate this device because it’s fairly different than any other mod I’ve encountered. Suffice to say that clicking + and – buttons won’t change your temperature at all. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

Power up/Power down
To power up the device, click the fire button 5 times. To power it down, click the fire button 5 times fast (otherwise, after the third click it’s going to lock itself) and then click the + button (the one closer to the OLED display).


Click the fire button 3 times fast to lock the device and three times fast to unlock it.

Menu Mode
To enter the menu mode, you’re going to have to click the fire button five times fast. Now, cycling through the menu mode is not done with the + and the – button – it’s done by clicking the fire button continuously. Items are selected by pressing the + button.

You’re going to be presented with several options here. Going to Mode Power will select that mode when you click the + button. You can select Mode Temp by scrolling to it and pressing +. After you do that you will be prompted to select your coil. Your choices are Ni200, Titanium, and SS.

Other functions in the menu mode include temp settings and screen rotation. Temperature setting allows you to set temperature in 0.1 degree increments and screen rotation flips the OLED display by 180 degrees.

Luckily, there is an easier way to adjust your temperature that doesn’t require you to constantly go into menu mode. Remember how I said that + and – buttons are not temperature controls? When in normal operating mode the – button flips between three working modes: soft, standard, and powerful (I’ll get to them a bit later). The + button switches between 3 preset memory slots. The way to change the temperature on this mod is to click the + button once to be moved to a different slot and then adjusting the temperature before making your selection with the fire button.

In my opinion, this deviation from standard menu operations is unnecessary and confusing. Limitless obviously wanted to try something new – it’s not that it didn’t work out or that it’s bad, I just don’t see it catching on.

Battery Life

Your dual batteries go under one of the removable plates. The good thing about this design is that Limitless took extra care when designing the battery chambers. The pins won’t damage your battery wrapping, which is a case with many of these box mods.

As for battery life, I can’t say it’s very impressive. Even vaping on lower wattage seems to drain the battery pretty quickly. Vaping above 80W setting will drain it in about 5-6 hours. I spent a day vaping in the lower 40ties and it barely managed to last the full day. However, all dual battery mods have this particular con and LMC 200W mod still outperforms many of its competitors when it comes to battery life, so I’m inclined to say it’s not that bad in this department. Of course, battery life is going to greatly depend on how you vape – the higher the wattage setting, the faster the drain.

Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod Review – Performance

This is a pretty simple and basic vape mod, despite its high-tech appearance. One thing I’d like to stress is that this mod doesn’t come near 200W – I had it tested at my local vape shop (I lack the equipment to do it myself) and the results were good, but they weren’t excellent. On 0.2ohm coils you can expect up to 185W, which is pretty great. Go higher than that (for example, 0.5) and that number will drop to low 150’s. Personally, I never go that high so it’s a non-issue for me. On the other hand, there are vapers who are pushing it to the limits and this is going to be an important piece of info for them.

There are three working modes that you get with Limitless LMC 200W box mod wattage mod and these are soft, standard, and powerful. These three are basically pre-heat function modes that allow you to ramp up power to fire those chunky builds almost instantly. It’s a pretty nifty little addition that’s much appreciated by vapers who are looking for a harder hit.

The biggest downside of this device is that it doesn’t have a USB connection. Of course, this isn’t related to onboard charging – always charge your dual mod batteries together and using a quality charger. This is more about the fact that without a USB connection there is no hope of firmware upgrades in the future. Even though Limitless LMC 200W TC box mod is a quality device, for some vapers this is going to be a definitive deal-breaker.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a solid, out-of the-box mod and you’re excited by the fact that you can customize its appearance to your liking with interchangeable magnetic plates, the Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod was made for you. This mod is a mix of negatives and positives, really, and it’s hard to say whether or not it’s worth the money. On one hand, it’s a stunner – the aesthetics are pretty amazing. The quality of build is also great and you can tell straight off the bat that it was built to last. Performance-wise, it’s also pretty decent – not the best box mod out there, but certainly not the worst, either. On the other hand, there are some pretty major drawbacks here. The design may be great but it makes it pretty clunky and difficult to handle. Both the plates and the mirror-like display are horrible fingerprint magnets as well. The fact that it’s not upgradeable is a huge minus as well, possibly the biggest one. Weighing cons and pros I’d say that LMC mod is worth the money only if you have it to spare. I personally like it and will keep using it occasionally but that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If you really want it and are dazzled by its looks, go for it. If you prefer functionality over design and quality of make, look somewhere else.




Evaluation of Oumier Wasp Nano RDA

Produced by Oumier, Wasp Nano RDA in Malaysia and Indonesia e-cigarettes exhibition got a lot of attention. The atomizer with two parts of the characteristics of small body and compatible filaments is lovely. This is the product we will share with you today.

Small packing box, small atomizer, all is the Nano style. In the packaging containing atomizer, hexagon wrench, aprons, screws, grease fittings and cardboard-esque cotton.

Wasp Nano, inside and outside, is a excellent workmanship 22 mm RDA.

Wasp Nano RDA Tank only has two parts, the cleaning is very easy. The joint of PEI shell and the mouth feels comfortable. The interior is gradually curl style;

At the same time, its suction nozzle diameter is comparable to conventional 510. Maybe to cooperate with gold plated base to show Wasp Nano small bee modelling, PEI material condensation resistance and heat insulation effect became worries before you select this atomizer.

The base of the Wasp Nano RDA has distinguishing feature. It has high degree of innovation. You see the deep groove, comfortable airflow and screw convenient to lock the mould. Under the filaments, the taste of this atomizer is very good, and the heat is reasonable after the drainage. Unexpectedly most common condensation problem controla is very good on PEI.

Compared with last generation Hadaly RDA, Wasp Nano RDA avoid cotton easy touch air inlet changing suction resistance. After use, the condensation on the electrode plane does not cause any impact.

For a 22 mm taste type RDA, Wasp Nano RDA is like a high-speed fuel-efficient Smart.

After a combination of the above features, this small hornets will give you incredible impression. Players focused on the same kind of 22 mm single RDA can see it good as Narda or O – atty, while for first generation Hadaly RDA, the comprehensive strength strong Wasp Nano RDA is also extremely practical.


High-end pretend bility violence – Voopoo DRAG 157w TC Box Mod Review

Speaking of insufficient budget of 500 yuan, you can select which type of pressure regulating box mod?

A set of science and technology and the perfect combination of pretend bility can interest you. Voopoo company will bring you a big deal – DRAG 157w.

Overall packaging is simple and orderly. Positive golden VOOPOO LOGO represents the identity, under DRAG the small print shows the product inside.

Internal packaging is also simple and orderly, warranty card, cable and specification. Only English instruction may bring some trouble. But it doesn’t matter, carefully watching this review, you will learn.

CNC metal framework, in detail processing is very clever, in accordance with the man-machine engineering. The keys feel comfortable, key travel is moderate. 510 interface thread is meticulous. With external atomizer, the rotation of the smooth feeling gives person a pleasure.

Battery compartments opens on DRAG side. Double bar magnet adsorption ability is strong, put it in, crack as it is loaded.

When not connected to the atomizer, long press the add key, output will increase to 129 w, then click the add button, will enter the SUPER model, continue to press add button and will reach 157 w. Fast press ignition key 5 times will it start up, and the screen will display VOOPOO – DRAG in turn.

Under the boot, fast press ignition key 5 times, it will shut down, the screen shows OFF. Based on the powerful chips, of course, the above can be design on computer. Press add and substract button at the same time, will enter the menu option, followed by power, M1-5 file custom menu, the only SN product code, as well as the software version.

Through the above introduction, you should have been familiar with the device.

When carried out, it is high pretend bility product in people’s eyes.

The chip operation is simple and clear. When replace new atomizer, the power will automatically match the corresponding values, which is a very humane design.  Urvapin electronic cigarette

Brief introduction of Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod

Recently Tesla introduces their most powerful device to date! The Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod is an upgrade to the their Invader III, it offers over 50% more power output due to its 3 battery support. This new version of the Invader supports 240 watts with 2 batteries but if you toss in a 3rd battery, the power can go as high as 360 watts! Performance wise, the Invader 2/3 is on the same level as other high wattage devices like the RX300 or Smok’s GX. Do you want to have a try?

What distinguishes the Invader 2/3 from other high wattage devices is its price, it has been aggressively priced which makes it a steal if you’re after high wattage! Powerful and competitive, the Tesla Invader 2/3 will bring you a satisfying vaping experience! It is really a good choice for electronic cigarette users. If you want to buy one, look the Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod on urvapin.

This box mod is suitable for users who like to use an atomizer with low resistance and cloud of vapor. It will bring electronic cigarette users an unprecedented Vaping experience.

Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod Features & Spec:
Dimension: 50*42*85mm/35*42*85mm
Material: Zinc Alloy(Die Cast)
Cell Type:two/three hi drain 18650 cell(Discharge current should be above 35A)
Thread Type: 510 thread
Maximum Output Wattage: two batteries18650-240W / Three batteries 18650-360W
Output Voltage Range:3-8V
Maximum Output Current:60A
Resistance Range:0.1-3.0Ohm
Input Voltage Range:6.4-8.4V/9.6V-12.6V
Voltage Adjust:I-V level
LED Indicator: Blue
Protections: Over purffing protection/reverse connection protection/atomizer short-circuit protection/low vlotage alert/overheat protection/overcurrent protection

Tesla Invader 2/3 box mod Package:
1 * Invader 2/3 Box mod
1 * Additional Battery Cover
1 * Warning Card
1 * User Manual

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Ijoy Captain pd270 Dual 20700 TC Box Mod 234W Review

Ijoy Captain pd270 RDTA Box Kit-234W is the newest and innovation box mod from Ijoy. It use the new format battery 20700. IJOY Captain PD270 holds dual 20700 batteries, and compatible with dual 18650 batteries. It is a high quality device featuring a tremendous maximumup 234W output power but no overhang with 30mm tanks, however a super compact size, feels good in hand and easy to carry, with the features of super compact size and NI/TI/SS/TCR temperature control, IJOY PD270 is the inevitable choice for every single vapers!

IJOY PD270, P on behalf of the high performance, D on behalf of the dual batteries, 270 on behalf of 20700 batteries. The 20700 batteries are selected by a famous car corporation to replace the 18650 battery, representing high quality and stable performance. IJOY believes that 20700 will replace 18650 and be the future in Vaping industry!

Ijoy Captain pd270 Specifications:
Max Wattage: 234W
Compact and portable
Bright and big size screen
No overhang with 30mm tanks
Dual 20700 batteries Box Mod(batteries included)
18650 battery fit with adapter
Personalized design, with a unique experience
NI/TI/SS temperature control
TCR function
Unique Custom User Mode
Resistance Range: 0.05~3.0 ohm
USB port charging support
Firmware Upgradeable

Ijoy Captain pd270 Package:
2* IJOY 20700 Batteries
1* 18650 adapter
1* USB Cable
1* Manual
1* Warranty Card

Colors available: 3 body colors, 18 different skins to choose from

Well, the Captain is truly a little powerhouse mod that lives up to expectations. The batteries are powerful and the mod’s onboard tech ensures that every feature is precisely regulated for maximum effect. We expect it to be a popular choice for vapers everywhere – and for good reason as it is one of the best e cigs in its class. If you’re looking for a new mod, the IJOY Captain PD270 Box Mod is certainly one option that you can’t afford to ignore.

SMOANT CHARON TC 218W Review,Buy Electronic Cigarette from Urvapin

When first contacted with electronic cigarettes, people may feel confused facing with so many electronic cigarette equipment in a wide range of designs.

The device is ok or not? Chose appearance or performance? How to chose?

We today introduce a highly cost-effective host entry level, SMOANT CHARON TC 218W box mod. Open the carton, we can see appearance of the host and the name. The upper right corner shows the color of the host. In addition to the LOGO and the type of the host on the back there are the information such as the characteristics of host and the anti-counterfeiting query stickers in the lower right corner.

Open the package, we see warning card, after-sale warranty card, and battery in the first. We are gratified that all the three documents have Chinese instructions.

Then is our protagonist Smoant Charon TC 218 BOX mod. There are nine kinds of color. The author got the gold, and the carton on the left side of the host containing the data line.

After the experiencing for a period of time, we get the advantages of the host:

  1. The delay time is very short, and it’s hard to feel.
  2. In daily use, it erupt rapidly.
  3. The ratio of volume and weight is appropriate, and it’s easy to grip.
  4. The temperature control effect is stable, no high output temperature and so forth.
  5. Double 18650 batteries guarantee it’ range.
  6. With simple operation mode and a Chinese manual it’s very friendly to the novice.

The faults:
The workmanship is a little crude.

  1. The NC material temperature control make the smoke taste light (a chip algorithm problem, should be able to get change by PC).
  2. The leather covering on the back of the battery, in use for a long time is in a risk of degumming.
  3. The resistance of the host shell surface is not strong.

According to the price abroad, the price will be higher than the robotech. It’s still excellent cost-effective. Simple mode of operation with good experience of output and larger scope of power make the host also has the potential of becoming a necessary introduction to the new. Although there are a few small problems, its high cost performance will also be able to hide these small flaws.

Up to now, the host of the power and performance are also constantly improved, from the initial around 40 w to 150 w or higher. The phenomenon such as ignition delay nearly extinct, and the operating mode is more simple.

Equipment with Chinese instruction is also gradually increased, which shows that the domestic market is gradually being regarded by the manufacturer. The threshold of the domestic players to use electronic cigarette also will be more and more low. More and more people can use electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes.

Steampunk Style Tesla Nano 120W Box Mod Host Evaluation

Tesla established home products launched the new host. Violence is still the main performance of the brand, is synonymous with tesla. Early one of the most famous product is the tesla electric double series of invaders box. But the invaders is a little big.Today we introduce the nano 120 w volume which is smaller

The whole machine decorated with carved steampunk style gear. It is similar to tesla previous host: Oblique button, the arc on the top. Even without TESLACIGS on the fuselage sid players should be able to guess that it is released by the tesla.

Side abandoned conventional square shape edges and corners and adopt smooth radian, which as well as increase the handle feeling, make the integrity of the machine radium vulture design.

The tesla nano 120 w box mod has a function different from the aggressor. Although it is also a double electric box, it is not a series of straight but a fully functional chip temperature control host. It is small in size but the weight is really very big! At the bottom of the battery cover use push-pull mode, coins are not need and you don’t have to twist the lid. Equipped with batteries, you just have to press and push to done.

Tesla’s the new host has plastic protective film to prevent from scratching. It’s really hard to tear and the protection is very good. At the top, the adaptive electrode is compatible to more atomizer. Main body frame are made of zinc alloy. The color of the appearance is colored in the late process, in the outer layer and a protective film similar to UV layer. It is not easy to rub off.

The battery has negative mark on the lid. The bottom of the chamber are also marked. Switch was changed to slide mechanical switch to control. Button is very small and tight. You don’t have to worry about accidentally touch in the pocket.

Host with Chinese manual is very simple and all had written, illustrations are also exist. The function of the host is a lot, also relatively routine and practical.

Memory gear, output model, temperature control of materials and so on, which are all available. It also can adjust the output on the machine in graphic mode curve. The functions are not very powerful, but they are certainly enough. tesla nano 120w starter kit

The appearance is suitable for players like punk rocks. If the price is suitable for you, it’s worthy of the money.

Smok OSUB 80W Baby Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank

Today we bring a brief introduction of SMOK OSUB Baby Kit to you. The SMOK OSUB Baby Kit is an streamlined version of the OSUB 80W Plus Kit. The OSUB Baby 80W Kit features a lateral firing mechanism and a maximum power output of 80.0 watts, temperature control mechanics implemented, and runs on a single 18650 (battery is not included).

The OSUB Baby was designed to be comfortable to hold and use. The micro USB port, adjustment buttons, and OLED display are mounted on the side of the device to for an overall more ergonomic platform. The side mounted USB port allows the OSUB Baby to be charged and updated without the awkward positioning that comes from a bottom-side micro USB port.

What coupled with the OSUB Baby is the TFV8 Baby. The TFV8 Baby is the smallest tank in the TFV8 Cloud Beast Series of tanks but is the perfect partner for this petite mod. The TFV8 Baby features LARGE dual cyclops adjustable airflow inlets located at the base of the tank. The enlarged inner diameter of the chimney allows for maximized intake which can be fine tuned with the adjustable airflow inlets. The TFV8 Baby can also hold an amazing 3.0mL of juice in it’s petite body.

The OSUB baby looks handsome. It comes with the great reputation baby tank. It use the best tested and popular coils. Using removable 18650 battery the baby has a compact size for pocket carrying on the go. The max 80W is enough for more than 90 percent vaper. Big fire button is a lot of ease in use. Battery door is easy and durable. There are 6 awesome colors for you to choose.