Overview of drips Hugsvape Theseus RDA


In this review, we will consider a tasty single-stranded drill called Theseus RDA from the Chinese manufacturer Hugsvape .

As you know, the favorite topic for Chinese companies for the name of their devices is Greek mythology. Particularly actively this theme is exploited by the company GeekVape, over and over again giving their products with loud names like “Zeus” or “Athena” .

However, young and developing companies also try not to remain aloof. So, the guys from Hugsvape most recently presented a drip, whose name was inspired by the son of Athenian king Egeya and Efra – Theseus.

Let’s understand what is interesting in Theseus RDA.

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Packing and equipment

For so many well-known in the mythology persona company Hugsvape could come up with a more interesting package. And so, we have a modest compact box without designer delights.

The front side shows the drip, its name, as well as the manufacturer’s logo. The sides bear a sticker with the color of the drips and a barcode, as well as qr-codes, leading to social networks Hugsvape.

As for the back of the box, here, too, is quite a standard picture for many devices: the listing of the equipment, warnings and other small icons that are of little importance to the user.

After removing the upper casing of the box, we are met in all the glory of “Theseus”, next to which is an additional 810 drip-type from Delrin. And already at the bottom of the package is the whole package that Hugsvape has given to its product.

Hugsvape Theseus RDA

  • Drill Theseus RDA
  • Additional Drip Type
  • T-screwdriver
  • Set of o-rings
  • Two spare screws for racks
  • Classic pin (BF preinstalled)
  • User’s Manual

Appearance and constructive

The Druska Theseus RDA is not distinguished by the richness and variety of the available color options. There are only three colors here: black, ganmetal and steel. Quite, I must say, a conservative approach.

Consider today, as we could already guess, a drip in a black matte performance.

To admit, the design of the device causes double impressions. On the one hand, the drip is strikingly different from most analogues on the market, being distinguished by streamlined forms resembling a similar bullet, and on the other hand, not on every fashion such a form of the case will look harmonious.

Theseus RDA is painted in a pleasant to the touch black paint, and the complete mouthpieces are also black, which gives the device a complete and solid appearance.

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I also like the device visually.

In the connector Theseus RDA initially twisted squonk-pin, which we clearly hint at the apparent focus of drips on the BF theme. Pin, by the way, is steel and the same steel, but usual, is included. Versatility, after all.

But the oddities begin when considering two complete 810 drip-types from dairins, which, for some reason, have practically the same forum, and in general hardly differ from each other.

The landing hole allows, of course, to install something of its own, but still 810 format, no adapters for 510 drip types are provided for in this case.

The top cover (or top-cap, as you like) serves as a drip-type landing area, as well as a way to adjust the airflow by rotating the lid itself.

Sits top-cap on two seals, which are very correctly selected and contribute to smooth rotation, as well as tight retention of the top-cap. Inside the latter, unlike the exterior, is not painted.

There is an easy spherical treatment. Moving on, or rather below.

Here we are waiting for the so-called side skirt. In general, all of the above-described constructive part, coupled with the side skirt, could be called one common word combination – a two-piece dome.

Anyway, this side skirt has two blowing holes, which work together with those on the top-cap. It is clear that when combining these holes in different ways, we get the same tightness adjustment.

Inside the side skirt we can see a small groove, which, in turn, is combined with the same small key on the deck, thereby preventing the skirt from scrolling, and making the blow holes always directed to the desired direction.

And in which direction – now we learn when studying the deck.

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Yes, the database Theseus RDA impresses with its unusual, although it clearly traces the features of many other devices. Curved petals with a mesh – this is our blow.

Is it lower, lateral, or even depressing, it is difficult to understand, and why? It looks interesting, unusual. Note that from the outer part of the blowing blades (if one may so express it) there are wide openings.

That’s just these holes and dock in a stationary position with a side skirt due to a tiny ledge on one of the walls of the bathtub and a groove under it in the above-mentioned side skirt.

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Two big holes are provided under the legs of the coil, and two screws, hidden under the racks, are also used for fixing. Deep and voluminous bath can be filled with both classical instillation through the top, and with squonk-pin.

However, the fluid supply holes through the BF-system are hidden somewhere in the depths of the base and to detect them, much less capture on the photo is very problematic.

They are here and work well, what else do you need to know.

Specifications Hugsvape Theseus RDA

  • Height: 37.8 mm
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Side air intake
  • Unsupported base
  • One spiral
  • 810 drip types

Winding and starting

Extremely comfortable and friendly, I tell you, the base for winding in theseus RDA. As in any drained deck in the case of our today’s novelties, it is worthwhile in advance to take care of the length of the legs of the coil by measuring the necessary amount of wire.

Further everything is intuitively clear, we just lower the spiral into the holes and clamp the screws hidden below, to the quality and work of which I have no complaints, everything is fine.

Coyle is installed in an almost ready-made form, it does not deform and almost does not require manipulation to correct, only burned and dealt with the “goats”.

We proceed to laying cotton wool.

Again, no problems, some comfort and convenience. We measure a certain amount of cotton in such a way that the tips are removed to the bottom of the tray and then the liquid is collected.

Styling is very simple, it’s the drip, not the tank. You can not be afraid for leaks or garages. I put it in the coyle, cut it off, put the bath in an impressive size. And everything, you can soar. Just moisten with liquid.

Let’s try Theseus taste.

Impressions and conclusions

It’s amazing how a device with such a simple constructive, and even from a little-known company can make you reconsider your views on more interesting and eminent devices.

Drum Theseus RDA is almost devoid of cons, all of a sudden. By how everything works, it’s hard to find fault, and indeed there is nothing to it.

But, there are a number of claims, the first of which is a very meager supply package. Neither pre-winded spirals, nor a piece of cotton, nor any pleasant trifles or even an adapter for 510 drip-types, and he would not be in the way here, given the “single-spiral” dribbling.

Returning to drip-types, we must also scold them. Why are there two almost identical mundshutka, but still not too easy to use? Extra drip-type is also slightly sharp edges has, generally unpleasant.

For all the other parameters, theseus RDA is simply gorgeous. Good quality workmanship, perfectly matched o-rings, everything is spinning as it should, nothing just does not fall off like that.

An intelligent solution with a side skirt stop, it is convenient to unscrew the device with the mod. Base drips – a separate “song”. On the winding and launching I took a record small amount of time, dripka is very undemanding to the “skill” of the user.

I had a bit of skepticism about refueling through the drip-type, but here I was awaited by a pleasant surprise: all the poured liquid is evenly distributed down the cotton wool straight into the bathtub, without flowing into the blowing holes due to the construction of the latter.

The greatest and most serious advantage of Theseus is its taste. Even such a mastodon flavor, like Kennedy 24 , visibly strained, because Theseus RDA – one of the most delicious drips that I happened to try.

As for the cost of Theseus RDA, then on the Internet the price tag for drip is located in about one district – about $ 30. Of course, for this money it’s easy to find a couple of options from both better known offices and even with a more interesting construct, but to say that the brainchild of Hugsvape is not worth your money, I definitely can not, the drip is really good.

Now It’s Available :Hugsvape Theseus RDA

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It could be that you have plans to renovate your existing home or have purchased a new one and want to increase its appeal and beauty. If so, then it becomes essential to decorate the home with using the most appropriate designs and patterns.

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Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Starter Kit Review

Joyetech has started the year with a new pen in the eGo line-up with an MTL device for beginners moving from smoking. It’s incredibly portable and… tiny!

The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is a Starter Kit in the style of an all-in-one vape pen and optimized for high nicotine. It’s also tiny and comes with two drip tips, one with two small holes and the other with two slightly larger holes.

It has a dual circuit battery protection system to stop over-charging, over-current and over-discharging. Charging is to a capacity of 650mAh via USB so you can use your computer or the nearest wall socket indicating a full charge when the light goes out.

To fill with e-Juice (only 1.2ml) requires unscrewing of the mouthpiece, then you can fill the e-juice directly. It comes with seven different colored lights that you can change after pressing the fire button for 5 seconds, giving you red, yellow, green, blue indigo, white and purple.

The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO pen also comes an array of five colors of Red, Blue, Black, Grey, Green.

Specs & Features


Diameter: 14mm
Height: 113.0mm
Weight: 37.5g
E-liquid Capacity: 1.20ml
Coil head: BFHN 0.5ohm head
Max charging current: 1A
Output mode: constant voltage (1.85V) output
Battery capacity: 650mAh
Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Grey, Green

Kit Contents:

1 x eGo AIO ECO Kit
2 x BFHN 0.5ohm head
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty card
1 x Warning card
1 x Spare parts

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joyetech epison solo kit

The brand new touch screen vape kits, Joyetech Espion SOLO Kit with ProCore Air Tank is released to celebrate Joyetech 10th Anniversary. It can be powered by single 21700 or 18650 battery and the maximum output power of 80W offering you perfect vaping experience. The Joyetech Espion SOLO Mod features a large OLED screen. It offers you free touching and intelligent lock. A large fire button sits above the touch screen for easy operation. And there is a logo 10th Anniversary on the button. The new ProCore Air Tank has two e-juice capacity 4.5ml and 2ml. It supports top filling and bottom airflow system. It also features a brand new ProCA Coil head for good flavors and huge vapors. And ProCore Air tank includes a honeycomb drip tip, which brings you great vaping experience. 2A quick charging and upgradable firmware can also be found in the Joyetech Espion Solo Kit.

Mod size: 25.5mm*39.5mm*132.5mm (4.5ml version)
25.5mm*39.5mm*126.0mm (2.0ml version)
Screen type: 1.3inch OLED touchscreen
Screen size: 64*128px
Output wattage: 1-80w
Output mode: Power/RTC/Bypass/TC (Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR modes
Atomizer head: ProCA(0.4ohm) head and other ProC series heads
E-liquid capacity: 4.5ml/2ml (two versions for option)
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC/TCR mode
0.1-3.5ohm for Power mode
Temperature range: 100-315℃/200-600°F
Cell using: single replaceable high rate 21700/18650 cell (CDR≥ 25A)
Max charging current: 2A
Max output current: 30A
Max output voltage: 9V
Color: Gunmetal, Black, Pink, Dazzling

Package Includes:
1* ESPION Solo Kit
1* AVB 21700 battery (Optional)
2* ProCA(0.4ohm) head
1* 18650 battery sleeve
1* QC USB cable
2*User Manual
1* Warranty card
2* Warning card
Spare parts

This joyetech epison solo kit is now on preorder at Urvapin. Nice price and good
After-Sale Service is available. If this product is broken not caused by false use or man-made sabotage less than one month after you receive it, we will help to repair it. Please read the User Manual carefully before you start using it.

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Joyetech Exceed Box Kit review

Today We will tell about the next recruitment for beginners from the company Joyetech called Exceed Box.

The Chinese from Joyetech definitely know a lot about starting sets. Moreover, this feature has been noticed for the company since the days of one of the first “Eyeshek”. Recently on the pages of our site flashed a review on the Exceed D19 Kit – a modernized device of the old diameter of 19mm, which received quite good reviews on the Internet. A few days ago the manufacturer continued the line of devices with the name Exceed and presented already a box mod, staffed with an interesting cleric. Let’s take a look at all this joy.

Joyetech Exceed Box Kit is a next “whale” for beginners vapers, brought to almost maximum ease of use. The novelty is available for purchase in five basic colors. Interestingly, the complete tank will have a similar color box in all cases.

The battery pack received a built-in 3000 mAh battery with the ability to charge up to 1A. Exceed Box can work in two modes: constant voltage and the principle of mehmoda. Switching between these modes occurs when the Fire button is pressed three times.

The control function of the device is assigned to a tiny LED-display of circular shape. Can this screen, by the way, not so much: to display the level of charge of the built-in battery and to inform about the switching of the modes of soaring. A little lower you can see a strip with a highlight around the fashion, performing similar actions to the display.

The “whale” tank was called EXCEED D22C and it is quite a standard non-service, however, with some of its features, which include, for example, the modern possibility to change the capacity from 2ml to 3.5ml.

Joyetech focuses on the new filling system, developed with special protection from children. To open the lid, you will need to press and rotate it. It is unlikely that such a construct will cause difficulties for anyone, but the manufacturer at least tries.

By and large, the tank is not something unique, but, coupled with the MTL-evaporator, can become a good alternative for fans of tight tightening, who do not want to bother with winding.
Joyetech Exceed 3000mAh Box Kit
Specifications Joyetech Exceed Box Kit:

Dimensions: 25mm * 41mm * 115mm
Weight: 145.8g
Capacity of the tank: 2ml / 3.5ml
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Maximum charging current: 1A
Colors: silver, black, white, dark orange, black & white

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Joyetech ATOPACK Dolphin Kit Review

Joyetech releases an improvement over the Joyetech Penguin, introducing the new Joyetech Atopack Dolphin. Boasting a powerful 2100 mAh capacity, the internal battery itself is only marginally more powerful than its predecessor. This unit’s overall dimensions and weight is a little bit better and smaller too than the original. Although certainly upgraded than its predecessor there doesn’t seem to be too much to set this model apart from its predecessor aside that it holds much more airflow. But all in all, the Joyetech Dolphin is the most appealing and charming dolphin-like vape mod I ever saw so far.
Joyetech ATOPACK Dolphin Kit
The Atopack Penguin was Joyetech’s original refillable pod mod system. Its plug and play simplicity and cute form factor made it a success. Now, Joyetech released an improvement over this unit, introducing the new Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit.

Named for its sleek profile and graceful curves, the Dolphin is a refined version of the Penguin. Boasting a powerful 2100 mAh capacity, the internal battery itself is only marginally more powerful than its predecessor. This unit’s overall dimensions and weight is a little bit better and smaller too than the original.

The main body of the Dolphin now curves and tapers to the mouthpiece at the top (on both sides) and a prominent firing button is bigger than the penguin. The five (5) LED battery indicators lets you know the battery life is.

The installed e-juice pod has also changed shape slightly, with the reservoir provided in a 2 mL or 6 mL capacity, and a childproof version also available. The new cool thing about the dolphin is that it has a lid that you can directly inject the e-liquid. Unlike the Penguin that you need to pull off the coil itself before filling the entire pod with your vape juice. In my opinion, it is one of the most user-friendly refillable pod mod systems on the market!
Joyetech ATOPACK Dolphin Kit
The pods are equipped with the JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) coil and have remained unchanged since the Atopack Penguin. These coils are specially designed for use with the Atopack pods and are capable of producing excellent vapor and flavor outputs. Coils are rated at 0.6 ohms and 0.25 ohms respectively. Joyetech has also introduced a new, 1.2-ohm coil head, catering more directly to MTL users.

Although certainly smarter looking and obviously upgraded than its predecessor there doesn’t seem to be too much to set this model apart from its predecessor aside that it holds much more airflow than the penguin.

But all in all, the Joyetech Dolphin is the most appealing and charming dolphin-like vape mod, it is indeed a tiny and elegant device. The ergonomically designed pod mod is easy to grip and carry. The classy physical appearance and multiple color options make the Joyetech ATOPACK DOLPHIN Starter Kit a one of a kind starter kit.

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IJOY Captain X3 Box Mod
SMOK Majesty kit

SMOK Veneno 225w Kit Review

The Smok Veneno 225w Kit is a new and unique Vaping Device. Lots of new features especially the LED lights that are integrated into its design from front to back of the Box Mod up to its Atomizer which is the TVF8 Big Baby Tank. The Veneno Box Mod has a 225 watts of maximum output that houses two 18650 batteries that can power-up your Cloud Chasing builds.

I think I know where Smok Tech got the idea of Veneno Box Mod design, inspired by a racecar which is the Lamborghini’s Veneno Spyder. They have the same name and has a similar design in it. Honestly, If I will design a Vaping Device I would probably do the same, creating an awesome racecar-inspired Mod.

Smok Veneno 225w Kit has LED lights on almost every part of it. The kit has a sub-ohm tank (produces huge clouds) which is the TVF8 Big Baby Tank with 5ml e-liquid capacity.

The Smok Veneno 225w Kit is a Beginner friendly device. If you are just planning on switching from smoking to vaping this is definitely for you. Veneno 225w Box Mod is fully equipped with safety features. The best safety feature that I like with this device is Short Circuit and Overheating Protections and its 10 Seconds Cut-off.

While this is a Newby Friendly device, we are definitely recommending this also for advanced users. The Smok Veneno has a maximum output of 225 watts that is enough or I should say too much extra power. Your Cloud Chasing game will be satisfied with this Box Mod, it can power up any Sub-Ohm coil builds (Just be careful, don’t go to low. Always check for safety).

SMOK Veneno 225w Kit
SMOK Veneno 225w Kit with 5ml TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Tank Features and Specs:
1x Veneno 225w Box Mod
1x TVF8 Big Baby Tank
1x V8 Q2 Core (0.4 ohms) – Dual Coil
1x V8 T8 Core (0.15 ohms) – Octuple Coil
6pcs Color Sealing O-rings – Color option for Tank’s LED lights
USB Cable
Spare Parts & User Manual

Smok Veneno 225W Box Mod, from what I am observing they focuses more on the design features of this device. Thinking out of the box on how their product will stand out from the rest.

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New Arrival ! Joyetech ATOPACK DOLPHIN starter kit

The Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit is the elegant Dolphin-like shape AIO Kit that consists the built-in 2100mAh battery and a refillable food-grade material cartridge. The innovative and exclusive Joyetech JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) system utilizes a unique method of vertical juice injection resolution with a brilliant ceramic cradle, which takes a horizontal approach in providing pure flavor and massive vapor. It will be the best MTL and easy to go kit for the vaping.

The Joyetech Atopack Dolphin is a compact pod style vaping kit with an elegant dolphin shape. It has a built-in 2100mAh battery and optional 6ml/ 2ml cartridge. You can check the e-juice level through its transparant tube and battery level with its five-level indicator. The JVIC system brings you a perfect vape everytime, both for DL and MTL vapers. 5 colors.
Joyetech ATOPACK DOLPHIN starter kit
Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Specifications:
Cartridge capacity: 6ml /2.0ml
Battery capacity: 2100mAh
Maximum output wattage: 50W
Max charging current: 2A
Output mode: direct output

Joyetech Atopack Dolphin Kit Package:
1x Atopack Dolphin Battery
1x Atopack Dolphin Cartridge
1x Atopack JVIC3 1.2ohm Coil
1x Atopack JVIC2 0.25ohm Coil
1x QC USB cable
1x Manual
1x Warranty card
1x Warning card
Spare parts

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Shanlaan Laan Pod 40W Kit

Shanlaan Laan Pod 40W kit is a unique pen kit. With modular design, no leaking will occur. The pod is easy to load and replace. You can get into Child Lock with one-touch and the Laan can’t be used when you’re not nearby. In addition, you will have the right to control the device temperature, power and other parameters. Lawn pod is refillable, which allows you to fill any e-liquid you like. Laan is small and compact. It is powerful in performance and provides unbelievable cloud. There is no end in its way towards perfection. It is innovative and the Laan’s flip open USB port design is a good example. Every detail no matter how small will be paid attention to. Using premium leather, it mellows and ages slowly as time goes on.
This pod are available in three colors: Black, White, Brown.

Shanlaan Laan Pod 40W Kit

Shanlaan Laan Pod 40W Kit Features and Specs:
E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
Battery Capacity: 1300mAh
Max output wattage: 40W
Coil: 0.2Ohm, 0.5Ohm CBD/THC Ceramic Coil
Color: Black, White, Brown
Modular Design
Poco Pin connection
Top Airflow & Top Filling
Negative pressure infiltration
150-200 puffs per pod
Suggested 5-10 times refill
iPhone class craftsmanship
Applicable to iOS & Android
Sub-ohm Coil
Premium leather
Flip-open USB Port
Concealed Pod
Device naming
Stealth Mode
Child Lock
Temperature control
Power output control
Pod type recognition
Applicable to iOS & Android
Lightweight and corrosion-proof aluminum
CLose system available for preflling e-liquid or concentrate

Shanlaan Laan Pod 40W Kit Packages includes one Laan Pod Kit and Backup parts. It is stylish and easy to carry, popular with many vapers. If you interested in Shanlaan Laan Pod 40W Kit, please check on Urvapin and you will get a discount.

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SMOK Stick V8 AIO Starter Kit Review

SMOK Stick V8 Kit is a new starter kit from the market leader in the wakeup industry Smoktech. SMOK Stick V8 Kit can reasonably become the ancestor of an independent line of wipe devices. SMOK Stick V8 Kit can be attributed to high-quality mehmodes, which have all the current degrees of protection and the most productive tank in the kit. SMOK Stick V8 Kit at first glance is a familiar starter kit, stick format, or as it defines SMOK, – pen style. But SMOK Stick V8 Kit has a number of features that unconditionally distinguish it from the family of starting sticks. To begin with, we note the mod itself. The SMOK Stick V8 has on board a built-in high-current 3000mah battery. That in itself is already a weighty argument. The practical comparison of a replaceable and built-in battery, a similar design and the same capacity, speaks about the advantage of the latter, with the most modest estimates, at least 20%. That is, the built-in SMOK Stick V8 battery, with a capacity of 3000 mah, will work the same way as the 3500-4000mah, replaceable batteries of a similar class.

The SMOK Stick V8 is equipped with a short circuit protection function, recharge and recharge. That is, in practice it is an intellectual mehmod. With the dimensions of fashion, it’s also not so simple as it might seem at first glance. The manufacturer abandoned the fashion trends of minimization. The size of the fashion, its diameter and height, are ideal and make the mod comfortable in everyday use. Manufacturing technology and materials make the mod pleasant to the touch and guarantee a long period of active operation. Special attention should be paid to the tank, offered in the basic configuration of SMOK Stick V8 Kit. The kit offers a tank SMOK TFV8 BIG Baby. The capacity of the SMOK TFV8 BIG Baby tank is 5.0ml. And this is another difference from the classic stick format devices, which usually have little room for liquid. The increased volume of SMOK Stick V8 Kit is due to the enormous capacity of the tank. A strong motor needs a lot of fuel. Another aspect of the capacious tank is its maximum usability and autonomy reserve. The taste qualities of TFV8 BIG Baby Tank are well known and do not need any additional recommendations. The use of the new version of the M2-series interchangeable evaporators, specially designed for pen style, guarantees excellent taste transfer and maximum vaporization.

SMOK Stick V8 AIO Starter Kit
Brief technical description of SMOK Stick V8 Kit:
• Overall dimensions, mm 75х24,5
• Rechargeable battery, built-in, mAh 3000
• Voltage range: 3.4 – 4.2V
• Battery indicator LED
• Connector standard, 510
• Power cord connector, standard Micro USB
• Functions of protection against short circuit, low voltage, low resistance
• Tightening time cut-off function, sec 8

The basic version of SMOK Stick V8 Kit:
• SMOK Stick V8 mod
• TFV8 BIG Baby Tank Tank
• Replaceable unused evaporator M2 Core 0.15
• Replaceable unused evaporator M2 Core 0.25
• Branded silicone ring
• Charging micro USB cord
• A set of spare seals for the tank
• User guide

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