Overview of the electronic cigarette Joyetech Unimax 25


The new device from the company Joyetech – UNIMAX 25 – immediately dubbed the “killer iJust S “. The mod is really very similar to the Eleaf device and has some advantages over it, for example, a more capacious clearomizer. However, a full-fledged “murder” is unlikely to occur, because Eleaf is a subsidiary of Joyetech, and it will not destroy one of the most successful models of the “daughter”. The manufacturer simply provided a choice: iJust S for economical vapers, and UNIMAX 25 for a bit more demanding of design and features.

UNIMAX 25 is a kit starter from a UNIMAX 25 battery pack at 3000 mAh and a 5 ml clearomizer with the same name. The set for beginners is calculated and can serve as the first electronic cigarette for transition from tobacco.


In addition to UNIMAX 25, Joyetech also introduced UNIMAX 22 – all the same, but smaller in diameter, the capacity of the clearomizer and the battery, more in length. The main feature of the UNIMAX series devices is the possibility of choosing between the voltage stabilization mode and the mechanical mode.


UNIMAX 25 looks quite stylish due to lining made of artificial leather, placed on the sides of the device. Included are spare covers of a different color, so the user will be able to individualize his mod. The clearomizer uses functional and purely decorative o-rings in the color of the device, and the manufacturer puts a colored vape band in the kit, which is unusual for Joyetech – they rarely decorate their fashion so much.


There are five device colors to choose from: all black, silver black, silver brown, silver blue and silver red. Additional color is realized just due to the stickers of leather and o-rings. The body is made of stainless steel.

Thanks to leatherette inserts, the device fits well in the hand and does not slip out. Its dimensions are 134.5 x 25.2 mm, so the mod may be suitable for stealthy hovering with some reservations. The build quality of the device is excellent.


Unlike most similar devices, UNIMAX 25 can operate in two modes: constant voltage and dynamic. If the voltage regulator is on, the mod will operate at the same power regardless of the battery charge. The specific number of watts depends on the installed evaporator. If the stabilizer is turned off, then the UNIMAX 25 battery will “fry” more when fully charged, and less when the charge drops. 

The maximum power is 50 watts.


From 0.15 to 3.5 ohms. Due to the diameter of 25.2 mm, modern wide drips and clearomizers are perfect for the battery pack. Devices with a smaller diameter (22 mm) will not look so elegant with UNIMAX 25.

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The UNIMAX 25 has a built-in 3000 mAh battery. This is a good capacity, which will be enough for the whole day, even with a sufficiently active soaring. You can charge the device through the USB-port. Standard charging current – 1 A. The battery will charge in about 4 to 5 hours.

The Fire button in UNIMAX 25 is translucent, so the backlight is clearly visible through it. Depending on the battery charge, the button will light up or flash to indicate that the device is discharging. Also, the backlight shows the selected mode in color: a disabled stabilizer is indicated by white light, and an on stabilizer is indicated by orange.


Steel 510 connector with brass spring-loaded pin.


The device has a full set of protection:

  • from short circuit;
  • low / high resistance;
  • overcharge / overdischarge;
  • from evaporator overheating (cutoff at 10th second);
  • air vent to drain gas from the battery.


Clearomizer UNIMAX 25 meets all modern requirements. It is fully collapsible, has top refueling and the ability to adjust the torque. It is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. Capacity – 5 ml.


The mouthpiece is the weak point of the clearomizer. The complete drip-type is not inserted into the connector, but is put on top of it. The connector has slots for two protrusions inside the mouthpiece, so you need to rotate the drip-type for fastening. The problem is that it rotates easily, and when soaring and carrying, you can easily lose the complete mouthpiece. But it is quite wide and helps to draw more steam. Drip-type can be replaced by another under 510 connector.


UNIMAX 25 operates on the new BFL and BFXL series evaporators. At the time of publication in these lines only one evaporator, each with a spiral of cantal and a resistance of 0.5 Ohms. The BFL series is designed for the best transfer of taste, and BFLX – for more steam. There is also an adapter for the BF series evaporators (not included). With it, you can use the following “heads”: BF Clapton 1.5 Ohm (cantal), BF SS316 0.5, 0.6 and 1 Ohm (stainless steel), and BF NotchCoil 0.25 Ohm (stainless steel). The manufacturer notes that the RBA-base BF RBA because of its size does not fit into the adapter, and therefore, probably the same situation with the evaporators BF QCS Coil and BF LVC Coil.

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To turn the device on and off, press the Fire button five times. To switch soaring modes, turn off the mod and hold down the button until it is highlighted in the corresponding color.


  • Dimensions of the mod: 134.5 x 25.2 mm
  • Weight: 156 g
  • Clearomizer capacity: 5 ml


  • Connector: 510 connector (spring-loaded brass pin)
  • Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Supported resistance: 0.15 – 3.5 ohm
  • Maximum power: 50 W
  • Maximum charging current: 1 A
  • Charging time: 4 – 5 hours


The mod comes in an elegant configuration:

  • UNIMAX 25 battery pack and UNIMAX 25 atomizer assembly;
  • imitation leather stickers – 2 pcs;
  • BFL Kth 0.5 Ohm evaporator – 2 pcs (one is pre-installed in the clearomizer)
  • spare o-rings;
  • vape band;
  • spare glass;
  • USB cable;
  • instruction;
  • branded packaging.

Feedback and experience of use

New UNIMAX 25 liked vapers. Joyetech did not produce anything like iJust S before this device, except for the eGo AIO series , which was very different in details. The “killers” iJust S from UNIMAX 25 did not work, but the mod is quite worthy of attention.

The main complaint of vapers to the novelty is in the mouthpiece. It scrolls too easily, there are also reports that the connector holds 510 drip types poorly. True, this flaw, most likely, was only in the first models sent to the reviews by the manufacturer. The rest of the UNIMAX 25 is a powerful, autonomous, producing large puffs of vapor electronic cigarette with two modes of soaring, which is very rare for this class of devices.

The UNIMAX 25 design is also remarkable. It looks very presentable and even somehow “elite” because of leather inserts, especially against the rival iJust S. Also, the mod from Joyetech has a more roomy clearomizer and goes well with 25 mm atomizers. You can purchase the entire set for 1900 – 3000 rubles, which is not much more expensive than iJust S, but the equipment is many times richer.

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