Modern Wall Clock – What are the Different Types to choose from?

Even with mobile phones and laptops being omnipresent today, wall-mounted clocks have a lot of takers. These have not still lost their charm and are liked by people as an item of necessity. There are even automatic wall clocks that are electronic in operations and run on battery power. Find out about the different types of modern wall clock that you can consider choosing from.

Theme Clocks
Such types of clocks are designed in keeping with a specific theme. These can be in animal shapes, such as those of butterflies, lions or bears. You can also find them in Steering Wheel shapes or Food shapes, as well as Sport theme clocks that can help you to show your love for the sports teams of your choice. It is possible to find wall clocks in historic themes, such as those inspired by the popular Victoria station or Paddington themes. You may also find wall clocks with a children theme, such as teaching dial wall clocks. No matter what the theme is, it is fun as well as amusing to collect such clocks and use them in your home or give as gifts to a loved one.

Modern Wall Clock

Ornamental / Decorative Wall Clocks
These are stylish in form, and appeal to people who are design conscious in nature and are concerned with the practicality of such clocks as well. You can find modern wall clock in many varieties. These are not limited only to glass case wall clocks having an elegant cut and coming with gold rotating pendulum, glass pendulum etc and the ability to also work as calendars. Such types of clocks should not be ignored during home decoration.

Modern Wall Clock
Modern Decorative Pendulum Wall Clock

Spiritual / religious wall clocks
Wall clocks of this variety generally have inspirational poems or quotes in the backdrop, wonderful images of religious figures, small quartz elements and more. The most famous modern wall clock models have Roman or Arabic numerals. These can have religious motifs or common spiritual symbols such as stars, cross or doves.

Modern Wall Clock

Minimalistic clocks
These come in simple, minimalistic designs and shapes, which can be ideal for homes with basic decor items and furniture. Despite having simple designs, these clocks can look fetching and add to the overall aesthetics of your home space. It is possible to get this type of modern wall clock in classy as well as contemporary themes. Choose one that runs on batteries, so that you do not have to waste time in winding the clock again and again.

Commercial wall clocks
Such clocks are designed and created particularly for practical usage, and come with strong and robust features – such as 24 hours display, metal case and more. These are mainly ideal for professional or office spaces. You can find many Commercial wall clocks, known better as ‘Corporate wall clocks’ in many countries, and usually have a steel or expensive exotic wood finish. Designers across the globe are experimenting with unconventional materials and new ideas, in order to create modern wall clock in sleek corporate designs.

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