Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank Review

Nowadays we will use a simple hero from Advken. Recently, they decently sat down on low-service – 2 of the three intense devices belonged for this certain detachment. To be truthful, it’s rather unusual to observe this kind of photo, as these guys can decently make serviced atomizers. And by far the most fascinating thing is the fact, generally speaking, low-servants are added to boxing mods, but this is simply not a tale about Advken – they only stamp tanks. Perhaps this case is going to be an exception to this rule, as well as a tiny later we are going to nevertheless turn out to be witnesses in the up-date of the collection of boxing mods – we request!

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank 
Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...
Case Material: Stainless Steel Atomizer 
Type: Maintenance- Free 
Evaporators: 0.15Ω 
Capacity: 5 / 6ml 
Height: 54.5mm with drip type 
Connector: 510, pin gilded 
Weight: unknown 
Color: see photo below 
Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...
– Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank 
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs 0.15Ω (one pre-installed) 
– spare origins 
– traditional rag 
– spare glass 
– certificate 

The exterior of our guests is quite regular for that sector that he belongs.This is a fairly huge example, but in size it is not the greatest.Specific hazards not to mention the multi-colored drip sort are responsible for the decoration.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

Discharge colors have been only two, and those are timeless.It is likely that later the developers is going to be ample with additional colours.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

The drip kind is made of resin, getting 810th.He is situated within the cover, the securing mechanism of which may well be threaded.This thought encouraged me for the abundance of hazards around the latter.The filling up slots had been not proven to us, I do believe they will be of the good dimension.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

Two types of replaceable evaporators are given, both of them on the grid.In the very first situation, just one overall performance, inside the other triple.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

The capability is reasonable from the start, and it can differ based on the kind of evaporator employed.Spare window is also a bubble of rendering.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

A tremendous rotary engagement ring with risks is mainly responsible for changing the airflow.Naturally, to blow this kind of severe evaporators you will require decent air flow consumption slots, therefore the developers made a decision to make this kind of as much as 4.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

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How to Clean Toilet bowl brush and Holder

All of us know how important it is to ensure that our toilets remain clean at all times. When I say toilet, I also mean everything that is found in the toilet, such as soap dish, toilet brush and toilet bowl brush and holder. To ensure that the toilet is as clean as it can possibly be, your toilet bowl brush holder and other items in the toilet need to be very clean as well.

In this post, we have focused on the toilet bowl brush holder and holder and how to clean it. Read on to find out easy and quick ways to clean this important item.

The most efficient method

The most efficient cleaning method is to soak your toilet bowl brush and holder in bleach. It is advisable that you start by reading the product label for the application instructions before you apply this cleaning technique. Be sure to pay attention to any given safety guidelines. This is important because bleach is a very powerful product.

You will need the following to apply this cleaning technique:

  • Bleach
  • Bucket or container
  • Rubber gloves

On rubber gloves, you should only use the pair that you have set aside for toilet cleaning purposes. You should never use rubber gloves that you usually use to clean the dishes to clean the toilet.

First, fill the bucket or any container you are using with hot water. Next, add 2 to 3 capsules of bleach. You should also check the bleach bottle label for any piece of advice on how many capsules you should add to what amount of hot water.

Secondly, put your toilet bowl brush and holder in the bucket with hot water mixed with bleach. Leave it for about an hour.

Wall Mounted Brush Holder

Thirdly, take out the brush and holder out of the bucket or container and then rinse using hot water. Leave both the bowl brush and holder for sometimes to dry before you can put the brush back into the holder. You can place the item in some raised place in the toilet for about 10 minutes or so to allow it to drain off and dry.

Free Standing Brush Holder
Free Standing Brush Holder

Alternatively, you can use domestic bleach spray or any disinfectant spray to spritz the outside and inside of the toilet brush holder. If you want, you can also soak your toilet bowl brush and holder in bleach solution for about an hour just as mentioned earlier.

Key points to note

  • Clean water and bleach are key to cleaning a toilet bowl brush and holder
  • You can always use disinfectant spray or bleach for your toilet brush bowel and holder.
  • Always wear rubber gloves whenever you are using bleach

It is recommended that you clean your toilet bowl brush and holder on a regular basis to avoid bacteria build up. Precisely, you can do the cleaning once a week, or every time you clean your toilet. Doing so using the quick method we have explained above will definitely result in clean and hygienic bathroom.

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Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit – Small and beautiful

We present the Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kit with VM Tank to you with honor! The Target Mini II kit shrinks its size to an extreme.It’s not easy to reproduce the past glory of what the 1st generation device has made. And it’s obvious to see more and more new vape gear series come out in the market instead of upgraded versions.

As a mini kit, so the size is what we always care about.With inbuilt 2000mAh battery, the Target Mini 2 is so portable in palms.

Vaporesso Target Mini 2 II 50W Battery Kit 2000mAh

The design of our hero is not very different from all representatives family – mod still repeats the outlines of the pistol grip with the corresponding anatomical grooves. Therefore, as before, ergonomics promises to be decent. 

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Vaporesso Target Mini 2 II 50W Battery Kit 2000mAh



Dimension: 37.2 x 25.7 x107.1mm
Tank Capacity: 2ml
Display: 0.66″ OLED
Batteries: 2000mAh Built-in Battery
Power Range: 5-50W
Resistance Range: 0.03~5Ω
Charge current :2A


2000mAh battery with small size
2A fast charging
Tea fiber mesh coil for free base juice
CCELL coil for nic-salts and CBD
Smooth bottom airflow
Easy top refill design

As for the Vm tank

The brand-new VM Tank comes with two coils, the top refill system and bottom AFC of VM Tank help you acquire pure and dense flavor with thick clouds.You can just use one hand to change the coil without screwing and screwing. On the other hand, special coil structure and base structure also both prevent the leakage to some extent.

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As for the coil

The meshed tea fiber coil. Compare to the traditional cotton, no matter from the USA or Japan, the biggest advantage of tea fiber is antibacterial continuously due to its special biological structure and feature.

Voopoo Drag Nano Kit-new and special

Voopoo Drag Nano Kit is free of any buttons or screens to extend the battery life while introducing a draw-activated firing mechanism. With the battery fully charged, it allows for about 350 puffs, so you don’t need to worry about anything when taking it outside.7 colors to choose from.

Along one side of the kit, there is a smart LED battery life indicator light located at the bottom. It will glow in three colors depending on the battery level, Green for 100% to 61%, Blue for 60% to 20%, and Red for lower than 20%. And the red light will automatically turn off after flashing in 10 times in low battery level while vaping.

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Directly on the bottom of the device is a USB port meant for charging the built-in 750mAh battery. As for the pod, it can hold a maximum of 1ml e-juice and features a 1.8 ohm coil head.

This AIO system works with refillable pods that can hold up to 1mL of e-liquid. The design of these cartridges’ refill system is patented and the filling process involves pulling out the pod and adding e-liquid thru a side-port. It is advised to wait at least 5 minutes before first use so that the wicking material becomes saturated.


Battery: Built-in 750mAh
Material: Zinc Alloy & Aluminium Alloy
Weight: 55g
Voltage Output: 3.2V-4.2V
Change Voltage: 5V/0.5A
Quiescent Current: <15uA
Capacity: 1ml
Resistance: 1.8Ω

Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Starter Kit comes with

1*Drag Nano
1*Nano pod(1.8Ω)
1*Chain Necklace
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual
1*Warranty Card
1*Gene Chip card

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Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System kit Review

The company Voopoo presented three new products at once, and all of them belong to the starting segment. Gradually, we will get to know everyone, but I suggest starting with a sub-system. The manufacturer has many similar solutions in its arsenal, however, the most interesting feature of the new product is, perhaps, the presence of a new GENE.Pod chip. As far as I remember, none of the previous AIO devices were completed with GENE chipsets.

Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System -“the fish of your dreams”
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...
Dimensions: 66 x 56 x 13mm
Weight: unknown
Case material: plastic + metal
Power supply: built-in 350mAh
Chipset: GENE.Pod chip
Cartridge capacity: 1.7ml
Evaporator resistance: 1.6Ω
Output power: 7 – 12W
Voltage range: 3.7 – 4.2V
Operating mode: POWER
< Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharging / overdischarge
Connector type: magnetic
Screen / diagonal: no
Micro USB / charging: yes, charging current unknown
Color: see photo below
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...
contents – Finic Fish mod
– replaceable cartridge (preinstalled)
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...
Our fish looks quite appetizing. In form, the hero is more like a stingray than an ordinary fish. Dimensions are relatively compact, the stealth component is no, but it will be. In general, this is a neat device that will feel good even in the middle palm.
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...
There were a decent amount of colors from the start, and in addition to the standard versions, quite original prints with prints were noticed.
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...
The removable cartridge is fixed by a magnetic connector, its capacity is not the biggest, it will be refilled from the side. The plastic from which it is made is tinted; therefore, it will not be very comfortable to monitor the level of liquid poured inside.
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...
The main body contained a built-in battery of a very small capacity, and the charging current wished to remain anonymous. The developers probably placed a causal connector on the bottom of the device.
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...
Fire button is absent – the device is activated by tightening. However, the manufacturer did not forget to award his novelty with an LED indicator. It is stylized quite original, its main task is to show the remaining battery charge.
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...
Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System - the slaves of my dreams ...

Price $ 25.99.

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Voopoo Finic Fish Pod System Kit

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One Lambo Pod System Kit – a sports car on the neck

One is not new to the vap market. However, in general, they “indulge” only with starter kits and various whales for beginners, therefore, they rarely appear on the pages of our portal. They are also keen on vaporizers, so our roads diverge somewhat from them. However, they have something to please and our brother, however, at the expense of please it, I probably got excited. Nevertheless, I suggest you to get acquainted with their novelty – the AIO device, the design of which was inspired by the legendary sports car. You probably noticed this by reading the title.

One Lambo Pod System Kit 
One Lambo Pod System Kit - a sports car on the neck ...
Dimensions: 68 x 45 x 15mm
Weight: 65g Case
Material: Plastic + Zinc Alloy + Carbon
Power: Built-in 360mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2ml
Output power: 7 – 12W
Voltage range: 3.3 – 4.2V
Operating mode: POWER
Protection: low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharge / overdisc
Micro-USB port / charge: yes, current charging unknown
Color: see photo
One Lambo Pod System Kit - a sports car on the neck ...
– Lambo Pod System Kit mod
– 2pcs replacement cartridge (one is preinstalled)
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card
One Lambo Pod System Kit - a sports car on the neck ...
So, our hero looks generally standard. This is a relatively compact soap dish, or rather, the form factor is from a soap box, but it does not shine with roundness and smoothness of forms. It is understandable, because the developers decided to implement a similarity to the legendary Lamborghini. Moreover, the profile is made asymmetrically, which in my opinion gives the device a certain charm.
One Lambo Pod System Kit - a sports car on the neck ...
The manufacturer offers only two colors, well, well – we will be content with this. Both versions are trimmed with carbon, as without it – we still buy a sports car, and they always use expensive trim))) The
One Lambo Pod System Kit - a sports car on the neck ...
replacement cartridge is fixed by a magnetic connector. Its capacity is normal, it refills from below, the device is designed for liquids with a high content of nicotine, including saline.
One Lambo Pod System Kit - a sports car on the neck ...
The main body contains not very capacious built-in battery. The charging current, unfortunately, is unknown. But where is the connector for charging, it is known – at the smaller end of the device.

By the way, a little below the last one can see an eyelet for hanging AIO on a thong (chain), and in this case you can carry it around your neck as a kind of amulet or decoration.

The manufacturer’s logo, located in the center of the case, in combination is a LED indicator of the battery charge level.

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Now It’s Available :    Onevape Lambo Pod System Kit

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod

Justfog Compact 14 Starter Kit

Think Vape Finder DNA250 Review

Think Vape Finder DNA250 Review

You may know of Think Vape from the likes of the Panzer, Box 133 or Finder 75 box mods, all equipped with Evolv DNA chips. Well they are now back with their latest offering called the Think Vape Finder 250. Holding up to the tradition, it is also powered by the Evolv DNA 250 chip and sports three 18650 batteries enabling the mod to reach the chips full potential of 250 watts.


What’s in the box

  • 1x Think Vape Finder 250w TC Box Mod with Evolv DNA 250 Chip
  • 1x English User Manual
  • 1x USB Cable


Out of the box

Arriving in a simple black cardboard box, the Finder 250 was securely held inside with a foam insert. This is definitely enough protection to ensure the mod does not get damaged in transit and will arrive to you safely. Not much else was included in the box, being a comprehensive manual (that actually does makes sense for once) and a USB cable.

Looking at the mod initially it definitely resembles the triangular structure of the Lost Vape Triade and the Reuleaux 200S. As well as the triangular design, it also sports a leather battery door, which was made popular by Think Vape. This makes me wonder if these companies are one and the same, maybe something we will never find out. I do think the Finder 250 does look a lot better than the aforementioned mods, due to unique intricacies such as the grilled top section and centered 510 stainless connection plate.

The screen is recessed into the face of the Finder 250 between hexagonal shaped fire and selection buttons. Below this, on the face, sits a micro USB port for charging purposes along with firmware updates and Escribe connection. The bottom of the mod contains ample small venting holes, which should give the chip enough air to operate accordingly. The leather battery door feels really nice to the touch and is easily removed to insert the three 1860 batteries it requires to operate.

Think Vape Finder DNA250 Review

The display offers all of the information you need including Voltage, Resistance, Wattage, Amps, Battery Life and Temperature (when TC mode is engaged). It advises if resistance lock is activated and will tell you if you are in a locked mode, which locked mode you are currently in. If you do not like the layout or the information provided by default, you always have the option to customize the screen layout via the Escribe software, to which you need a PC to make that happen. The Escribe software is still unavailable for MAC users, which is obviously a subjective con to some.

In direct comparison to the Reuleaux RX200S, the Finder 250 sits a little taller at 89mm and a little narrower at 49.5mm. There isn’t much difference, however it seems like a lot when you actually hold it in comparison. The Finder 250 is definitely a lot more comfortable to hold and ergonomically superior in my book. You wouldn’t think so just to look at them side by side, however the Finder 250 wins out in my book for sure.

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To install the batteries on the Finder 250, you need to remove the battery door. It’s held in by magnets and can be a bit of a fiddle to get the right grip on it. Once the door is removed, the battery bay is exposed and the battery orientation information is displayed clearly for each cell. There is a ribbon attached to the back of the battery bay that you place behind the batteries, which aids in taking out the batteries when it’s time to charge. Please remember to use a married set of batteries in the Finder 250 and you can brush up on our article on battery safety here.

The menu system its not complicated at all and quite easy to use for those that have used box mods before. One thing to keep in mind is that the DNA mods do not fully turn off. They can be locked or have the batteries removed, however when the batteries are installed the mod remains in a state of sleep only. This honestly took me a while to get my head around, as I like to shut my mod off fully before storing it in my vape pouch or pocket. But as long as it is locked, there is no fear of mis-firing when you don’t it want to.

Five clicks on the fire button will lock or unlock the Finder 250. To lock the power, make sure the device is unlocked and hold down the plus and minus adjustment buttons. To lock and unlock the Resistance, make sure the device is locked and hold down the fire button and the plus adjustment button simultaneously. To put the device into Stealth Mode, make sure the device is locked and hold down the fire button and the minus adjustment button simultaneously.

Think Vape Finder DNA250 Review

To change the temperature, make sure the device is locked and then hold down the plus and minus buttons simultaneously. The temperature can be adjusted in the menu and you can have it display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit or switch it off completely. To access the presets, make sure the device is unlocked then hold down the plus and minus buttons to access power mode and then double click the plus button. The default device presets include Wattage, Ni200, Ni200 No Preheat, Ni200 Relaxed, SS 316 and Titanium.

I found that all of the preset modes work well without having to dive into customization with Escribe. There seems to be overkill on the Nickel options for my personal liking, I personally never vape Nickel, but again that is a subjective con to the way I like to vape and the coil material I use. Escribe is very straight forward to use and there are plenty of templates/preset options to choose from. And you have the ability to store/customize up to 8 presets.

I usually vape SS316L claptons and it was easy to download a SS316L profile from Steam Engine and upload that into a custom preset. I was then able to select my standard wattage, along with a preheat curve that I desired. The software can record and tell you all types of information about how you vape and your mod, so if you find that interesting feel free to load that up. You can also configure Escribe to tell the Finder 250 what batteries you are using, as to give you an accurate battery meter and help the charging process.

In regards to charging your batteries, it is usually recommended to use an external charger. The DNA 250 board does boast per cell charging at a rate of up to 2A, which I would feel comfortable in charging my batteries if I didn’t have an external charger available. The Finder 250 is going to make sure each cell gets charged in a balanced manner and it also supports pass through functionality so you can vape while the unit is on charge.



  • Dimensions: 89mm x 41mm x 49.5mm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Zinc Alloy Chassis
  • Spring Loaded 510 Threaded Stainless Steel Connection
  • DNA250 OLED Display
  • Powered By Evolv DNA250 Board
  • Power Range: 5w – 250w
  • Temperature Range: 200C to 300C or 200F to 600F
  • Input Voltage Range: 9v to 12.6v
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.5v to 9.3v
  • Maximum Output Current: 55A
  • Efficiency: 97%
  • 2A Fast Micro USB Charging



I have to say after using the Finder 250 for a number of weeks now, it has become one of my favorites. The DNA 250 chip does not miss a beat and is very accurate and reliable. I have been rotating some of my favorite tanks and RDA’s on this puppy and I can confirm that reliability and consistency always ring true. I get such a rewarding and satisfying vape from all of them due to the quality of the DNA 250 board. These boards always have the most consistent and accurate ohm reading that I have seen on any of my mods.

Both wattage mode and TC mode work without hesitation. The customizable pre-heat time is a god send especially when working in TC mode and powering some large coil builds. It gets you going instantly once you get your settings right and is so satisfying when you’ve nailed it to just how you like it.

The beauty about this mod is that although it will work for you out of the box, once you get Escribe fired up and customize the Finder 250 to your liking it will keep rewarding you day after day, toke after toke. It can also grow with you as you progress into different builds and materials and keep tweaking the settings to your liking.

Think Vape Finder DNA250 Review

I did the obligatory dry burn test and can confirm that it passed with flying colors, no longer do you have to be scared of getting a dry hit when you least expect it. The big bright screen is a pleasure to read in even the most challenging lighting situations. And the fact that it is more compact and pocket friendly than say an RX200S, I find myself bringing it out of the house and even to work with me replacing my smaller beater mod setups.

It definitely isn’t an every day carry arrangement, however it has its place and that place is constantly growing. The Finder 250 is so comfortable and ergonomic to use and is much easier to get in and out of your pocket than an RX200S.

The Finder 250 didn’t have any trouble firing any RDA or RTA I threw on it, with all types of builds installed. It can handle up to a 28mm atty, with anything less showing some open space around the 510 connection plate. Everything I put on the mod looked really good and the spring loaded 510 connector ensured that there were no gaps present on any one of them.

Battery life is excellent on the Finder 250 which boasts a 97% efficiency rating. Vaping at around 50 watts I was getting around 2 days of vape time before having to think about recharging. Obviously with higher wattages this turn around time will be lessened and I found that TC mode saves some battery life as well.

Wrap Up

With so many options in quality high-powered mods currently available it is always a hard choice to make. The Evolv DNA 250 chip is available in a few mods now and easily proves that it steps above the rest. Granted, they do come with a higher price, but the quality, reliability and consistency definitely pay for themselves before too long.

Keep in mind that it is an investment that you won’t easily or quickly grow out of as you can keep customizing it as you go. You can try out new things and news ways of vaping that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do with other non-customizable mods on the market.

The Finder 250 really does tick a lot of boxes and it looks really good as well. Think Vape have done stellar job on presenting the DNA 250 board and have honored this with excellent build quality, ergonomics and aesthetics. With only one major con that I have established, this isn’t even really to do with the Finder 250 itself, it’s more to do with the DNA chip on board and not having the support for MAC users, so although it’s not directly aimed at the Finder 250 itself, it comes with the territory of the DNA chip.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Think Vape Finder 250 if you think it can be something that will work for you. You will be as impressed with the mod as I was and will be satisfied for a long time to come. I hope this has helped you in your search for your next vape mod. Let us know if you have any questions or comments below, we always appreciate hearing from you.

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Think Vape Finder 250C 300W TC Box Mod with Evolv DNA Chipest

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Review

The Reuleaux Tinker is the newest addition to Wismec’s now famous series of three-battery box mods. It has all the features we’ve comes to expect from modern advanced mods, as well as a new more ergonomic design, but what really sets it apart from other similar vaping devices is its look, which is sure to appeal to “sneaker heads”, especially fans of the old Air Jordan 3.

I myself am not into sneakers at all, so I had to do some research after seeing the basketball player on the box of the Reuleaux Tinker. It turns out that the silver and black pattern used on this mod is the same as, or at least very similar to, the one on the Air Jordan 3 sneakers. Not only that, but the ‘Tinker’ name is apparently a tribute to Tinker Hatfield, the lead designer of several generations of Air Jordan shoes.

A Look at the Contents

The Wismec Reuleaux Tinker kit comes in a large rectangular packaging featuring a picture of the three-battery mod and the included Column mesh tank, as well as a graphic of a basketball player preparing for a slam dunk, the Reuleaux logo and the iconic Air Jordan 3 pattern on the front, and a list of contents, , company information, and an authenticity sticker on the back.

Inside, you’ll find the Reuleaux Tinker and the Column tank packaged in separate branded boxes, which to me indicates that you can also buy these devices separately, if you’re only interested in one of them.

Inside the Reuleaux Tinker box, we have the three-battery mod, a micro-USB cable for charging and a user manual, while the Column packaging contains Wismec’s new mesh tank in the same color as the mod it comes with, a spare mesh coil-head and a box of spares (an extra bubble glass section and some silicone o-rings).

Design and Build Quality

The new Wismec Reuleaux Tinker measures 78mm x 56mm x 44mm and is made primarily out of zinc alloy. It currently comes in only three color combinations – white&grey, red&grey and blue&grey – all of which also feature the black&grey pattern that the Air Jordan 3 sneakers are known for.

This mod needs to accommodate three 18650 batteries, so it’s not the most ergonomic vaping device money can buy, that’s for sure. It’s as stubby as Wismec’s previous three-battery mod, the Reuleaux RX Gen3, but instead of bevelled edges, the Tinker has a more rounded general design, making it easier to hold in  the hand. As I said, it’s still not the most comfortable vape mod, but as far as three-batteries devices go, this is definitely the most ergonomic I’ve ever used.

Starting at the top, we have a classic 510 connection featuring a spring-loaded, gold-plated 510 pin. It looks a lot more solid than the one on the Wismec Predator 228, for example, but it’s not centered. I can see why Wismec decided to place the connection to the side of the mod, as the center area is right on top of the battery compartment and they would have otherwise had to make the mod taller to accommodate the connection, but this really isn’t ideal either. The way the Tinker mod is designed, you can only get away with atomizers up to 25mm in diameter without any overhang. Anything over that, even a 26mm will overhang. Also, as you can see in the photos, the Column tank doesn’t sit flush on the mod. There’s a pretty big gap between them, and even though it prevents you from accidentally scratching the glossy paint when screwing on an atomizer, it doesn’t look very good.

The control panel under the 510 connection consists of a trigger-like fire button which appears to have a texture similar to the sole of a sports shoe, a rectangular color display, two classic ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, and a micro-USB port near the bottom. The fire button feels nice and solid, and can be pressed on its entire surface, but the display really isn’t very impressive. Yes it’s colored, but it’s rather small compared to other screens we’ve seen recently, like that of the Modefined Draco or even the Smoant Naboo. The resolution isn’t that high either so some of the elements end up looking pixelated. It’s still a colored display though, and it has a pretty nice layout, so I can’t complain too much.

Opposite the control panel, we have a decorative rubberized metal plate that also improves your grip of the device, and on the sides, we have some battery venting slots and that iconic Air Jordan 3 pattern on what feels like a soft, almost leather-like material. As I said, I’m not a big sneaker fan, so this pattern doesn’t really seem all that great to me, but if you’re a sneaker collector, or at least grew up with the Air Jordan 3s, this may mean more to you.

Finally, on the bottom of the Reuleaux Tinker we have a massive hinged battery door, that slides out and flips upwards revealing the three battery bays. To use this device, you’ll need to first loaded up with three 18650 batteries. The battery compartment is kind of cramped and the batteries will touch each other, so make sure the wrapper on them is intact to avoid short-circuits. The battery bays all have clear polarity indicators both on the bottom and on the inside of the battery door, so you basically have to be blind or not paying attention to insert the batteries wrong.

Overall, the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker feels like a very solid device. Yes, it’s bulky and heavy as well, but that’s just the nature of the beast. In terms of build quality, this thing feels high-end. There’s not rattling whatsoever, the paint job and detailing are flawless, and apart from some minor design flaws, there’s really nothing to complain about.

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Menu System and Navigation

The Wismec Reuleaux has a classic menu and navigation system, so as long as you’ve used another advanced vape mod before, you should have no problems getting used to it.

The mod turns on automatically after you’ve inserted the three 18650 batteries and closed the battery door, and to turn it off and on again, all you have to do is press the fire button five times in rapid succession. You can then use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the wattage, so you can definitely use this device without even going into the menu.

However, if you want to take advantage of all the features built into the Reuleaux Tinker, just press the fire button three times rapidly to access the menu. There, you’ll find three submenus – Mode, Set, Info – and a ‘back’ option that will take you to the home screen.

In mode, you can choose between Power (wattage), TC (temperature control), TCR and RTC. That last one isn’t really a mode, but a layout for the home screen, which will replace the wattage/temperature with a clock. You can choose between a digital or an analog clock.

In Set (short for settings) you can lock the resistance of your coil (important for TC mode), set the wattage for TC mode, activate Stealth mode (turn off the display), select what subparameter to display on the home screen (puff counter, puff timer or amperage), set the clock, set the duration and intensity of the preheat, and finally, set the timeout of the display.

In Info, you can check the voltage of the three batteries, as well as the versions of the hardware and firmware.

That’s about all there is to talk about here. It’s a very simple menu with an even simpler navigation system, although I will say that I wish it had a custom curves mode as well. But, who knows, maybe Wismec will add that option in a future firmware update.

Battery Life and Performance

Obviously, battery life is one of, if not the greatest strength of the Reuleaux Tinker. It is a three-battery mod after all, so you can definitely expect it to last you at least an entire day. I personally get around a day and a half, on average, using three Sony VTC5A batteries, vaping at around 85W. However, your experience may vary depending on what capacity batteries you are using, set power output and how much you vape. One thing is for sure, though – you can expect the Reuleaux Tinker to last more than any dual-18650 device, or dual 21700 battery mod, for that mater.

Performance-wise, the Tinker is a beast! This thing has an official max. output of 300W, which is kind of insane. Does it really do 300W? Maybe, in certain conditions, but I for one don’t really care about that. The most I vape at is 100W, and that’s only rarely, so anything over 100W doesn’t really matter. But, if you’re into cloud-chasing or just enjoy a smouldering-hot vape, this thing will give you what you need.

I’ve used the Reuleaux Tinker in wattage mode only, as I don’t enjoy temperature control, so I can’t really comment on that, but as far as pure power goes, it’s pretty darn impressive. I don’t know exactly what chip Wismec used for this mod, but what I can tell you is that it fires up the battery almost instantly. The power ramp up is crazy fast as well; you can hear the coil sizzling inside the tank the moment you hit that fire button, and if the innate ramp-up just isn’t good enough for you, you can always set the preheat to whatever intensity and duration you like.

In the 10 days I’ve been using the Reuleaux Tinker for I’ve encountered no major issues, but I did notice  a few of minor problems. First, the mod appears to be reading resistances a little bit off. For example, the coil-heads  for the Column tank are rated at 0.15Ω, but the Tinker seems to think they are both  0.17Ω. However, after screwing the tank onto the Druga Foxy and the VooPoo Vmate, it turned out that they were in fact 0.15Ω  coil-heads. So the Tinker appears to be a bit confused, although I will say that an 0.02Ω difference really isn’t that big of a deal.

The second issue I noticed, and this isn’t so much of a fault as it is an oversight by Wismec, is the 300W default power in temperature control. So the first time you go into that mode, it automatically sets the power to 300W, which doesn’t make any sense. Why not set it to a more reasonable level instead of the max power output?

Lastly, increasing and decreasing the wattage/temperature on the Reuleaux Tinker is really slow, and it’s made even worse by the fact that it doesn’t round-robin. It takes about 30 seconds to go from 1W to 300W, and you then have to spend another 30 seconds lowering the power, because it won’t automatically jump back to the lowest power setting once you reach 300W.

The Tank

The Column tank is a 25mm sub-ohm mesh tank that holds up to 6.5ml of e-liquid. Wismec advertises it as a 28mm tank, which is technically correct, but only if you measure it around the bubble glass section. At the base, this is a 25mm atomizer.

This tank really isn’t all that special. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table either. It’s just a run-of-the-mill sub-ohm tank featuring single mesh coils. I would say it’s average in terms of both flavor and vapor production, which is exactly what you should expect from a tank bundled up in a kit like this.

The Column features top filling, but keep in mind that it uses one of those push-to-slide types of top-caps, and you’ll have to remove the translucent 810 drip tip in order to access the fill port. That’s a bit weird, to be honest, as I’ve seen this type of top cap on several other tanks in the past, like the Advken Manta RTA or the FreeMax Mesh Pro, but none of them required me to take off the drip tip just to fill them.

The two bottom airflow slots are massive and have stoppers on both sides. Vaping with both slots wide open makes the tank very noisy and the vape way too airy for my taste. Even halfway closed, the slots allow too much air to get in, so I found that at my sweet spot of 85W, keeping the air slots just a quarter open is ideal.

The two coil-heads that come with this tank feature single mesh coils which do a decent job of bringing out the flavor of the e-liquid. They don’t come close to the triple mesh coils of the FreeMax Mesh Pro, but compared to regular wire coils, they are really good. Vapor production depends on what power output you have set on your mod, but at 85W, you can blow some sick clouds.


The Wismec Reuleaux Tinker isn’t the kind of mod I’d take with me everywhere. It might be more ergonomic than the company’s previous three-battery devices, but it’s still bulkier and heavier than most of the mods I’ve used. That said, it’s nice to have a round the house, if only for the kind of battery life you get out of it. Not having to worry about recharging the batteries for a day and a half or two is great, plus the performance is not too shabby either.

I’m not going to comment on the design of the Reuleaux Tinker or what inspired it, as it doesn’t really interest me, but as far as the quality of the mod itself and its performance, the new Tinker is a worthy addition to the now-famous Reuleaux series.

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod

Overview of the electronic cigarette Joyetech Unimax 25


The new device from the company Joyetech – UNIMAX 25 – immediately dubbed the “killer iJust S “. The mod is really very similar to the Eleaf device and has some advantages over it, for example, a more capacious clearomizer. However, a full-fledged “murder” is unlikely to occur, because Eleaf is a subsidiary of Joyetech, and it will not destroy one of the most successful models of the “daughter”. The manufacturer simply provided a choice: iJust S for economical vapers, and UNIMAX 25 for a bit more demanding of design and features.

UNIMAX 25 is a kit starter from a UNIMAX 25 battery pack at 3000 mAh and a 5 ml clearomizer with the same name. The set for beginners is calculated and can serve as the first electronic cigarette for transition from tobacco.


In addition to UNIMAX 25, Joyetech also introduced UNIMAX 22 – all the same, but smaller in diameter, the capacity of the clearomizer and the battery, more in length. The main feature of the UNIMAX series devices is the possibility of choosing between the voltage stabilization mode and the mechanical mode.


UNIMAX 25 looks quite stylish due to lining made of artificial leather, placed on the sides of the device. Included are spare covers of a different color, so the user will be able to individualize his mod. The clearomizer uses functional and purely decorative o-rings in the color of the device, and the manufacturer puts a colored vape band in the kit, which is unusual for Joyetech – they rarely decorate their fashion so much.


There are five device colors to choose from: all black, silver black, silver brown, silver blue and silver red. Additional color is realized just due to the stickers of leather and o-rings. The body is made of stainless steel.

Thanks to leatherette inserts, the device fits well in the hand and does not slip out. Its dimensions are 134.5 x 25.2 mm, so the mod may be suitable for stealthy hovering with some reservations. The build quality of the device is excellent.


Unlike most similar devices, UNIMAX 25 can operate in two modes: constant voltage and dynamic. If the voltage regulator is on, the mod will operate at the same power regardless of the battery charge. The specific number of watts depends on the installed evaporator. If the stabilizer is turned off, then the UNIMAX 25 battery will “fry” more when fully charged, and less when the charge drops. 

The maximum power is 50 watts.


From 0.15 to 3.5 ohms. Due to the diameter of 25.2 mm, modern wide drips and clearomizers are perfect for the battery pack. Devices with a smaller diameter (22 mm) will not look so elegant with UNIMAX 25.

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The UNIMAX 25 has a built-in 3000 mAh battery. This is a good capacity, which will be enough for the whole day, even with a sufficiently active soaring. You can charge the device through the USB-port. Standard charging current – 1 A. The battery will charge in about 4 to 5 hours.

The Fire button in UNIMAX 25 is translucent, so the backlight is clearly visible through it. Depending on the battery charge, the button will light up or flash to indicate that the device is discharging. Also, the backlight shows the selected mode in color: a disabled stabilizer is indicated by white light, and an on stabilizer is indicated by orange.


Steel 510 connector with brass spring-loaded pin.


The device has a full set of protection:

  • from short circuit;
  • low / high resistance;
  • overcharge / overdischarge;
  • from evaporator overheating (cutoff at 10th second);
  • air vent to drain gas from the battery.


Clearomizer UNIMAX 25 meets all modern requirements. It is fully collapsible, has top refueling and the ability to adjust the torque. It is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. Capacity – 5 ml.


The mouthpiece is the weak point of the clearomizer. The complete drip-type is not inserted into the connector, but is put on top of it. The connector has slots for two protrusions inside the mouthpiece, so you need to rotate the drip-type for fastening. The problem is that it rotates easily, and when soaring and carrying, you can easily lose the complete mouthpiece. But it is quite wide and helps to draw more steam. Drip-type can be replaced by another under 510 connector.


UNIMAX 25 operates on the new BFL and BFXL series evaporators. At the time of publication in these lines only one evaporator, each with a spiral of cantal and a resistance of 0.5 Ohms. The BFL series is designed for the best transfer of taste, and BFLX – for more steam. There is also an adapter for the BF series evaporators (not included). With it, you can use the following “heads”: BF Clapton 1.5 Ohm (cantal), BF SS316 0.5, 0.6 and 1 Ohm (stainless steel), and BF NotchCoil 0.25 Ohm (stainless steel). The manufacturer notes that the RBA-base BF RBA because of its size does not fit into the adapter, and therefore, probably the same situation with the evaporators BF QCS Coil and BF LVC Coil.

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To turn the device on and off, press the Fire button five times. To switch soaring modes, turn off the mod and hold down the button until it is highlighted in the corresponding color.


  • Dimensions of the mod: 134.5 x 25.2 mm
  • Weight: 156 g
  • Clearomizer capacity: 5 ml


  • Connector: 510 connector (spring-loaded brass pin)
  • Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Supported resistance: 0.15 – 3.5 ohm
  • Maximum power: 50 W
  • Maximum charging current: 1 A
  • Charging time: 4 – 5 hours


The mod comes in an elegant configuration:

  • UNIMAX 25 battery pack and UNIMAX 25 atomizer assembly;
  • imitation leather stickers – 2 pcs;
  • BFL Kth 0.5 Ohm evaporator – 2 pcs (one is pre-installed in the clearomizer)
  • spare o-rings;
  • vape band;
  • spare glass;
  • USB cable;
  • instruction;
  • branded packaging.

Feedback and experience of use

New UNIMAX 25 liked vapers. Joyetech did not produce anything like iJust S before this device, except for the eGo AIO series , which was very different in details. The “killers” iJust S from UNIMAX 25 did not work, but the mod is quite worthy of attention.

The main complaint of vapers to the novelty is in the mouthpiece. It scrolls too easily, there are also reports that the connector holds 510 drip types poorly. True, this flaw, most likely, was only in the first models sent to the reviews by the manufacturer. The rest of the UNIMAX 25 is a powerful, autonomous, producing large puffs of vapor electronic cigarette with two modes of soaring, which is very rare for this class of devices.

The UNIMAX 25 design is also remarkable. It looks very presentable and even somehow “elite” because of leather inserts, especially against the rival iJust S. Also, the mod from Joyetech has a more roomy clearomizer and goes well with 25 mm atomizers. You can purchase the entire set for 1900 – 3000 rubles, which is not much more expensive than iJust S, but the equipment is many times richer.

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod

Vandy Vape AP Kit – waterproof MTL kit

Vandy Vape comes in the second, and probably even the third, attempt to create a decent MTL set. As before, compactness, autonomy, and a true MTL effect should be the fundamental criteria. Let’s see what happened to them this time.

Vandy Vape AP Kit 
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
Dimensions: 76 x 27.9mm (only mod)
Weight: unknown
Case material: plastic
Power: built-in 900mAh
Output power: up to 20W
Voltage range: 3.2 – 4.0V
Operating mode: POWER
Supported resistance: 0.6 – 3.0Ω
Protection:from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharging / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, pin is spring-loaded
Micro-USB port / charging: yes
Color: see photo below
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
AP MTL Sub tank 
Case material: stainless steel
Atomizer type: maintenance-free
Evaporators: 1.5 / 1.8Ω
Capacity: 2ml
Diameter: 22mm
Height: 38mm with Drip
Connector type : 510, pin gold-plated
Weight: unknown
Color: see photo below
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
Package contents
– AP mod
– AP MTL Sub tank
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs 1.5 / 1.8Ω (one is preinstalled)
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card The
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
complete non-service is new, it looks good, but somewhat cumbersome. Well, about tastes do not argue.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
It is filled from above, apparently, the half-turn cover is not long to turn. The capacity is not the largest, but the dimensions are above all.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
Replaceable evaporators are not new, exactly one of the previous sets was completed with such.

The adjustment of the blower is realized with the help of a rotary ring, and everything here looks pretty good. Variability and really tight puff will obviously take place.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
Boxing mod looks a bit brutal and futuristic at the same time. Ergonomics promises to be quite decent. There is no information on the most aesthetic fit. Probably, such will be only 22mm diameter.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
The control panel is quite conveniently tailored Large fire button, LED indicators under it. The first is responsible for the charge level of the built-in battery, the second for the output voltage.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
At the very base there is a connector for charging the battery and a pair of control keys, with which the output level will change.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
The built-in battery, it seems to me, is not the most capacious for such dimensions. In addition, the charging current wished to remain anonymous.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
Perhaps correcting the flaws of past devices of this segment, this time, the developers perform the lower resistance threshold at 0.6Ω, and the maximum output power up to 20W. This makes the mod “quite / more suitable” for the usual use of “scavenger men”.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...
By the way, I almost forgot – the kit is completely waterproof – IP66.
Vandy Vape AP Kit is another attempt to create a decent MTL set ...

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